Preparing for a long journey

Ok, so i’m trying to add some lean mass, and am preparing to go overseas for about 3 weeks. THe problem is, it is a business trip, and i have not been informed as to whether our lodgings will contain a workout area. At any rate, i have considered buying some bands and taking them with me, or possibly just halting my bulking cycle until i return home, perhaps just doing some bodyweight exercises while traveling. Any suggestions on what I should do?

Where specifically are you going? Can’t help you out much with suggestions, whenever I go overseas I take my powerblocks with me, probably not a feasible option for civilian travel though.

A lot of hotels have gyms, though chances are if it has one it’ll suck. What I do when I travel is do bodyweight exercises, use bands, sometimes fill up gallon jugs full of water or sand/rocks (or both if you want some real weight). Maybe there’s an article on non-gym workouts in the archives (if not maybe T-Mag can put one out, since a lot of people ask this type of question). Good luck.


so would it be a worthwhile investment to purchase bands?

I think CT had an article called the McGyver Workout that used alot, if not all, bodyweight exercises. Ian King had one awhile back also I think, but I can’t remember the name. One leg squats(or pistols as Pavel likes to call them) are hard as hell. I think you can still get a very demanding workout with your own bodyweight. Bands would probably make things a little more versatile though and a easy to travel with.

Keep eating as best you can and workout by any means necesarry. Surely you can find something to do pullups off. Do pushups between chairs and elevate your feet. You will get a better stretch and it is harder than regular push-ups. If you can, wear a backpack with shit(not actual feces) in it to add weight. Lift chairs over your head, do laterals with chairs. Use milk cartons if you want to. Do jump squats. Sling a towel around a post or bunk, grab the ends, put your feet close to the pole and curl, use only one hand if it’s too easy. If you can’t add weight, add reps. Take less rest. In three weeks you shouldn’t lose much and you might gain just because you are changing and shaking things up. It isn’t going to fit in to your pre-planned, every meal and workout meticulously plotted bulking program, but I think working hard and being creative can overcome your lack of equipment. Just curious, where are you going?

Bands especially from Ironmind are extremely versatile I ones used band exclusively for 3 months with out any loss of strength or muscle mass, I actually increased my strength.