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Prepare to Laugh. Kids Halloween Candy



this is pure evil. and HILARIOUS! LOL!!!


HAHAHAHHAHA i liked the kid with his arms behind is head all calm calling her out. That was really funny, poor kids


Last set of brothers was by far the best. He seemed like some sort of evil child genius.


I thought the same thing lol


HAHAHA thanks for this post I needed a laugh :slight_smile:


lulz I suprised none of them asked why. That's what I would've done.


Dude, he weeeent to aaaa looot of houses.


haha I loved the fat kid punching the wall


I can't laugh at this. I don't find it funny at all.


The last kid one day will rule this world, I'm telling you. He is way too good to do anything else, but rule this world.


x2 though I think we saw his mother mirrored in him.

I thought the two fat kids getting violent were best myself.


That was great.

I teach my kids about taxes every Halloween.

They go out and do ALL the WORK and bring home their EARNINGS (ie candy), then I take a (very small) percentage of candy to provide them with "infrastructure" and "protection".

This year they discovered a 'loophole' (or, I guess optimistically, a 'tax free savings vehicle') whereby they stash some premium candy in their coats so when I pick through the bag I don't know that they have X, Y, or Z candy.


Looks like child abuse.

These parents should be investigated for emotional an mental anguish of a child.

Then they record the action. They are terrorizing these children.





Please use a funny gif or picture next time as some here will think you are serious.


HILARIOUS, then again talk about addiction. But, if my wife were to eat all of one my foods I enjoy, I'd be pissed, so I can feel their pain


Seriously, that kid needs his ass beat quick-like...


best part is the look the older brother gives the camera when his lil brother says

two plus two = fiveeeee