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Preparation for Power Lifting Comp.

Hey everybody, i’ve been reading over past articles on this website and am still in a bit of a situation. I was recently asked to be part of a team for a state powerlifting competition coming up in early march. I play college football and am very familiar with weight lifting and working out however i have never trained for a powerlifting type competition before. I was wondering if anyone would have any advice on how to prepare for this event as well as how to peak at the right time. Thanks again.

Go to elitefitnesssystems and read every article posted. This is all West Side Barbell training. The site is owned by Dave Tate, who has written for T-Mag in the past. Also, check out the Powerden forum on Yahoo.

You can also do a search on this web site. Punch in the word powerlifiting and I am sure you’ll get a lot of threads.