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Preparation for OL?


Hello guys.

Have been weight training consistently for the past 6 years, focusing on a more powerlifting approach. Used to do a little bit of OL back in the day when I was at university, as there was a couple of decent(ish) Oly lifters who trained at my gym who taught me basic technique... which has since been forgotten ha.

Anyway, I've recently become really interested in OL and have found a OL gym near where I work which also offers coaching, which I am going to start in the next few weeks once my work calms down a bit.

To anyone who currently trains in OL: Is there anything you recommend me doing which will help prepare me for once I start coaching? My wrists are relatively felxible as I've been front squatting for the past couple of years.

Any suggestions will be much appreciated. :slight_smile:


Great that you've got flexible wrists but how flexible are your shoulders as well? I'd say do plenty of shoulder stretches and dislocations.

Plenty of hips stretches as well as the quads and hammies, it'll just help prevent injuries if you catch a clean of snatch badly and move around whilst in the bottom of the lift.

Do you have any weightlifting shoes? If not, get some ordered.


Hey Weighty, thank you very much for the reply. Shoulders are also relatively flexible as I've been doing daily a couple of sets of band pull aparts and shoulder dislocations daily for the past 6 months.

Good shout on the weightlifting shoes, will get a pair of them ordered in the next few days. Any to recommend? I've seen a few guys who Oly lift at my current gym wearing what I believe to be these:



I've only ever had a pair of the adidas ironworks II's so don't know what any others are like. They've lasted me 6-years so far and have plenty of life in them yet, so as far as quality goes adidas seem to offer pretty good value for money


Looks similar to these: http://wlshoes.com/review/adidas-powerlift-trainer/


Looks similar, but very different shoes. The Amazon link shows the Power Perfect II's, which are a very legitimate weightlifting shoe. The other link shows the powerlift trainer, lower and softer heels. I would not recommend the powerlift shoes for Oly WL!!


Cool, thanks for catching that.


Thanks for the reply guys, pair of Power Perfect IIs have been ordered! :slight_smile: