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Prep School: Imperfect Schedule, 2 Days a Week

Let’s say i can only train two days a week
Like suddenly. Because my sister is too lazy to pick me up on mondays or there’s a day off.
Is there a point in doing the deload week if i only train twice a week. Rn I’m trying 3 times a week
But since track ends in February my sister will probably be too lazy to pick me up on mondays while 2 other school days of the week always have late buses.

I am 19 years old. Have never had a car, yet from 6th grade until the end of high school I would wake up every single day at 4am to deliver newspapers, and then 3-6 days a week would walk, run, or bike to a gym a few miles away from my house. I’d lift, then walk, run, or bike back home in time to shower, eat breakfast, and make it to school by 8am.

I didn’t always have to do this - obviously in the summers when I didn’t have school, I had much more time. I also didn’t lift every single week - I took time off every now and then. But I always had to deliver newspapers. I still do actually. And I still don’t have a car. But I work two jobs, about 50 hours a week, mostly early mornings, and I still get myself to the gym. In thunderstorms, blizzards, negative 20 degrees, I get there.

My point is not to boast - I’m nothing special for making this happen, and far from the first person to do such a thing. But you are blaming your sister and your bus system for being unable to get to the gym. I’m assuming you’re young (you really gave absolutely no helpful information that would allow anyone to answer you very well), so training two days a week because of your ride system is ridiculous - you should be able to do 3-5.

Moral of the story: make it happen.

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That’s all I’ll say and wait for other responses that actually answer my question. But yeah i am young 16 yrs old.

I only asked
If doing the deload week or week 2 was necessary not a stupid lecture.

Week1 - 70%x5,80%x5,90%x5,5setsof5 reps@70%
Week2- 65%x5,75%x5,85%x5,5setsof5reps@65%
Week 3 - 75% x 5, 85% x 5, 95% x 5, 5 sets of 5 reps @ 75%

OK. You weren’t having your entire plan thrown off by others. Sure man, skip the deload.

3 minutes later…

Thank you

I don’t think you have a good grasp of what ignorant means


Pretty ironic. Must mean you’re ignorant to the definition

lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated.

Here you go :wink:

jshaving is lacking knowledge in my life
To make such a stupid statement. “Make it happen” bah, I don’t care what he did
But I obviously cannot do it. I’m not even close to school and it’s also winter, the sun sets faster. Also my parents wouldn’t allow me to get a gym membership or nor would they allow me to bike.
Clearly this clown wasn’t aware of my situation cause I didn’t want to go into details he clearly could’ve answered in the first place without a stupid lecture. Pretty general question anyway
I’m not a snowflake so why would I need to spill details, outcome won’t change.

Simply answer the question

You sir have no idea what the word ignorant means.

I hope you enjoy your excuses and insults. I think in a few years time you might realise that results would have been more important to you.

You misunderstand me. There’s absolutely nothing i can do. I love lifting
Results are important which is why I asked this question so i can run it as good as I can. There are no excuses. Next year will be better when get my license

I apologize for my insults
I was in a bad mood

Yes. If there wasn’t it wouldn’t be part of the program.

Are you running two main lifts a day? One main lift a day, repeating a lift every two weeks? Are you only doing lifting or do you do any other types of training for a sport?

Two main lifts a day
And i find it unnecessary to do the deload
I saw on a previous post that it wasn’t necessary when when running it twice a week.
Thanks though

I’m still gonna do it when I can train 3 times a week though. I’m just preparing for the month of February when I might not have a ride home on mondays

You probably don’t need to do a deload at this stage in your training.

I think the point we were trying to make is that making it to the gym 3 times a week isn’t impossible. It will probably be extremely difficult. It’s your call if the juice is worth the squeeze, it’s your life, however you should be aware that it is a choice. Your choice. Blaming anyone or anything else is a quick way to make yourself a victim and victims rarely succeed in life.

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Can you get a job? Will your parents allow that?