Prep for Seminar

I’m coming to see you in Atlanta this weekend, Coach, and couldn’t be more pumped!

I do have a question, because I want to make sure I maximize the opportunity:

I’m wrapping up a John Meadows/ Dave Tate “power builder” program, which has been 9 conjugate-style weeks. This week is actually the last week and it’s heavy - two days of working up to 95+% on squat variations and two days doing the same on pressing variations. I’m 40 with normal 40yo things (job, kids, etc.), so it’s hard enough on its own.

My priority is to maximize my opportunity to learn at your seminar.

Do I:

  1. Go ahead and not be a whiner and knock out this week and see you Saturday (last heavy day would be Friday right before)?
  2. Take this week as a deload, see you this weekend fresh, and get back on the train next week?
  3. Do something else clever(er) that I’m not thinking of yet?


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This is awesome! Would love to have gone, but Atlanta is a long haul from SoCal.

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Ironically, my last house that was literally 20 minutes away closed this morning.
I’m crazy pumped, though. I remember asking CT questions many moons ago when I was prepping for ranger school or one of those; more recently, I’ve really soaked up his neurotype podcasts to help me relate to people and teams in corporate life - I’m a longtime fanboy.


No need for anything special. This is mostly a “teaching/theoretical” seminar. Just come with an open mind and plenty of coffee!!!

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On it!