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Prep for AL State USAPL Meet

148 weight class
Deadlift: 350
Bench: 210
Squat: 230ish
Most i’ve squatted past parallel is 230 for 2 reps
Did this routine today trying to improve for meet because squat is lagging - Do you guys think it might?
10 sets of 1 - squat starting in the hole. 60% - 140
3 sets of 5 - 7 sec pause squats. 50% - 115
5 sets of front squat 90,95,100,105,110 - 10,8,6,4,2 reps
3 sets of hamstring curls 90,180,230
3 sets of sumo deadlift 255,295,325 - 5,3,1
Any tips would be much appreciated, because this is my first meet and i’ve only been training for power since September. Before that I did boring bodybuilding stuff. haha

It looks good overall and those are some solid numbers starting out in powerlifting. I would say drop the volume, drop the front squat and hamstring curls all together, and just work squats and deadlifts leading up to the meet. This is your first meet, and it is coming up soon you say. You need the movements burned into you. The variation can come later.

Prepping for a meet you should try to still get stronger of course, but each workout should also give you a better idea of exactly what you are capable of. And if you set a huge front squat PR, while just doing these light back squats, you will have no idea where your numbers exactly are. And of course in the end of the day, nothing helps your back squat, like back squatting!

So that is why I’d put more focus on doing those heavier, you’re plan has you going no greater than 60% of your max, that just wont get it done for the meet. The weight will feel too strange on your back maxing out.

Just my 2 cents, I bombed out at my last meet, and I knew exactly where my lifts were. But got sick a couple days before and shit hit the fan, so you gotta be prepared as much as possible, because shit can still happen even if you do everything right

I would practice some pause benching. Also, make sure you know the rulebook for USAPL pretty well. USAPL tends to be pretty strict as far as rules.

[quote]drew2143 wrote:
USAPL tends to be pretty strict as far as rules.[/quote]

Yes, this needs repeating. Watch videos of USAPL meets, they are very very strict and it will feel unnatural waiting for the rack command

Thanks, guys. I’ll probably switch back to back squats, and yeah my friend was saying that USAPL watches squat depth like a hawk. We went to an APA meet and he was the only one who was really squatting deep. Nothing against those guys, or anyone who competes in APA, but it’s such a difference having to squat so low compared to the less strict feds. Also, I added those front squats because someone told me lots of quad work can in turn help my power squat, but I guess you’re right about just hitting the back squat hard and trying to build up for the meet. I’ll re-evaluate my leg routine. Also, Drew I was planning on inplementing pause press tomorrow, so we’re on the same page for that. haha Thanks again for the feedback!

Squat depth at USAPL meets is an eye opener for some people. I don’t know what depth you are squatting to now, but make sure they are deep.

Edit: looks like you beat me to it. I didn’t see your post before.

Yeah. haha We definitely make sure we go deep enough in training. I’d hate to get bad lifts on my first meet due to not going low enough.

Most people who have unsuccessful first meets suffer for one of the following reasons:

  1. They set their openers too high or don’t have realistic goals in mind.

  2. They realize only at the meet that their lift technique is not passable by competition standards.

  3. They try to do something “different” for their meet by dramatically changing dietary, warm-up, etc. practices and thus screw themselves up in the process.

  4. They lose weight to make a particular weight class without the experience and know-how to do it properly.

  5. They don’t have a handler or someone there with experience to guide them through it.

If you can avoid these pitfalls, you’ll be fine. Set easy openers (the triple rule applies), set realistic goals, compete at your normal weight, keep a normal routine, bring someone to help you, and don’t let your nerves get the best of you.

Best of luck–performing well at a meet is a skill that even some very strong people do not have. In other words, it takes time to get comfortable with this process, so don’t worry if you feel a little out of your element. I’m also a 148-lber., and it’s great to see more of us getting into the sport.

I’ll try to not fail one of those points. haha

And thanks, man!

I’ve done a couple of usapl meets so I’ll pass on some advice given to me.

When you’re squatting BURY your opener. If you let the judges know you can squat deep they’ll not be so critical on the next two.

Read the rule book about what equipment you can and cannot have and what you must have. You usually can’t go wrong with inzer or titan gear in the usapl.

If you don’t know anyone locally that can help you with all of that feel free to post any additional questions.