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Prep and Fat Loss Training

Hey Jim, I was looking to run this program after finishing my anchor for Spinal Tap 5pro (which has been kickass!I used exact assistance as written and shoulder took on alot of size).
I was reading in the book, it stated 5pro and 5x5fsl for the first three weeks. After that is done we add to the TM and do another cycle of 5pro+7x5fsl?
I ask because it says " the supplemental work increases to seven sets in the final 3 weeks of the program" in the assistance: squat and deadlift portion, but it doesn’t say anywhere else in the beginning or end of the program explanation?

You’re correct. The only things that change in the 2nd half of the cycle are the training maxes, and you add 2 sets of supplemental work (with corresponding super-setted assistant work of your choice).

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cool thanks just wanted to make sure because it dint say anything else apart that one line.