Prep and Fat Loss Experience Requirement

I have a solid 30-40 lbs to lose before I begin a proper bulk. I was looking at Jim’s Prep and Fat Loss template from Forever but he says it is for experienced lifters only. I imagine this is in reference to strength levels. Is there a 5/3/1 template similar to Prep and Fat Loss without the experience requirement?

This template supersets the warm ups, main lift, and supplemental lift with assistance. I think there are two aspects to this being for “experienced” lifters:

  1. You have to be in reasonable condition to do supersets throughout an entire workout, especially when one of the lifts is a big barbell lift.
  2. If you aren’t relatively strong on the big lifts, you will be even weaker when supersetting your main lift with another exercise.

So, I would suggest running a FSL program and do some easy assistance between the lifts. Things like face pulls, tricep push downs, etc… and gradually increase the difficulty of the assistance (to pull ups, dips, DB squats, etc…) while making sure to get in some conditioning each week. Then try Prep and Fat Loss. Then move on to Krypteia.

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Thank you, antiquity. Your points make a lot of sense. I appreciate the guidance.

Though not its main intention a full body template like this will lean you out fast…