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Preogesterone Cream? Cycle?


I recently started TRT, when my labs showed a T level of 220. I'm 32 years old. I was prescribed the following, and everything to me makes sense except for the Progesterone Cream. My doc said he prescribed it to me for less inflammation, deeper sleep(the benefits google would say), however, most things I read say it's not typically advised for men to take it. In addition, a few people I know on a TRT program don't take Progesterone Cream.

Anyway, any help would be appreciated. My "stack" is as follows:

Testoserone Cyp- 75mg Twice Weekly (injection)
HCG - 250 IU Twice Weekly (injection)
Progesterone Cream - 2.5mg Every Night (applied to forearm)

Pregnenolone 50mg Once Nightly
DHE: 25mg Once Morning
Zinc Citrate: - 50mg Once Nightly

Any idea as to why I am prescribed Progesterone or why it's needed? I don't believe I was tested for my progesterone levels, as I look at my labs, I do not see a PGSN symbol... Thank you

PS: I ask this in the "Steroid" section because I'm wondering if anyone else using more that a typical HRT dosage would use a progesterone supplement?


Bump* Any help would be appreciated.


Ordinarily no. I would be suspicious, personally, of a doctor prescribing progesterone cream without a blood test beforehand, if at all. It sounds as if he gets his information from popular books rather than from medical sources.