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Premixing Protein ?


Just bought a whey concentrate and isolate mix protein powder.

I normally make the shake the night before and store it in the fridge for the next day.

My question is, will the protein denature or lose any of its biological value if left overnight already mixed in water?

I normally drink it at noon at work, and cannot make it in the mornings due to time constraints.

Was just concerned whether making it the night before was basically ruining the nutritional value of the protein.. (ie. just throwing my money down the toilet).

Any comments?


I am also wondering about this for slightly different reasons. I like to blend my third meal Grow! with some frozen strawberries or blueberries. However, to be considerate to my neighbors, I don't want to do it in the morning as my blender makes quite a racket(i wake up at 5:30). I could do it at work in the lunch room and close the door, but the call center is right next door and i don't think closing the door would drown out all the noise from my blender. How bad is it to pre-mix it about 9 or 10 pm? i understand the contents would settle, and I would need to shake it in my shaker bottle, but would the protein degrade significantly enough to make this a bad idea?




No, I seriously don't think water would denature the protein, just try and make sure it's refrigerated. One time I mixed my drink, left it on the shelf at work and by the time I got around to drinking it it had fermented and smelled like alcohol swabs mixed with manure...granted I left it there and forgot about it for like 4 days...


How much time does it take you to mix a protein shake?

Just wake up 2 minutes earlier and you won't have to worry about this.


Why can't you make it at work?


From Dave Barr:

WRT whey: Denaturing whey would be a great thing because this would aid digestion and absorption. In fact, the first step of digestion is to denature ingested proteins! While I don't think it happens, except under extreme circumstances, it would generally be a good thing if it did in fact occur.


Coz I need to take a shower, get ready, cook breakfast and eat it.

This takes up to an hour. I have a hard time getting up early as it is, and I have no blender at home.

So making the protein shake in the morning would take up more than 2 minutes.


Is this serious stuff, or is Dave Barr being outright sarcastic?


Did you mean that you didn't have a blender at work?

I don't think you need a blender.

Here's what I do: I have a shaker cup, but any widemouthed bottle with a lid will do. I dump the powder in their the night before, take it with me to work the next day and then add water and shake just before I consume it.

If you have a decent instantized protein powder it should mix very easily this way.




You don't need a blenda unless ya want to add somting special to your drink mon!
I do the same thing that soup does, only sometimes i just kinda throw the powder into my bottle in the morning before I leave for college...Its a lot easier...

Or go to your local GNC/SND and get travel mix containers...they're plastic reusable cups with lids, just put your powder in 'em, then take it to work, when you need it add water and shake it like it owes ya money...

Just Like That


Holy crap! Where'd you pull that from? LOL

I should also add that it takes more than water to denature proteins, so I wouldn't worry about it either way.



Anyone ever not clean out a waterbottle that had protein shake in it immediately after consumption?

It becomes the WORST smelling thing ever and then requires lots and lots of washing... something has to be goin on there for it to become so nasty smelling.


probably not that big a deal but i'd bet you're losing something. oxygen is destroying everything at different rates under different conditions.even the dry powder is slowly going stale once you break the seal and when you mix that stuff with water i'd think the rate of oxidation increases by exponents.

obviously keeping it cold will slow that down. so will minimizing exposure to o2. the best would be a vacuum pack. or you could keep o2 away by laying some heavier inert gas like nitrogen or argon on top of your shake. but an easier and more practical way to make your shake the mostest would prolly be just funnel it into a clean glass bottle w/ a screw cap and fill it right to the tippy-top so air contact is practically zero and keep it cold.


I think you may be getting out of hand with making your shakes because it shouldn't take more than a minute.

Fill shaker with cold water, add protein powder, swirl to moisten powder (to prevent clumping), and shake vigorously. If available, throw in a couple of ice cubes or crushed ice before shaking.

I've done this for years and can't see how it could take more than a minute. Give yourself another minute to rinse the shaker and you're set.


2 weeks after consumption, a friend of mine made the mistake of opening the sealed bottle and inhaling deeply to determine what flavor it was...

Although I'm sure he enjoyed the "rotten ass" smell, the green mold at the bottom of the container had him gagging for most of the night.

[4 years later he still talks about that smell...]


that's what he said bro -two minutes.
two minutes in the morning could become an hour by the end of the day. could mean you get stuck behind a school bus, miss the timed traffic lights, don't beat the line at the coffee shop/bank/newsstand/postoffice/elevator/or your brother calls begging you to bring him his chapstick. yeah life's good when you can afford a leisure suit but not when your boss has nothing better to do than wonder why you're not at work 15 minutes early 'cause he ain't getting any action.


I have left Whey mixed with water in a bottle in my hot car for several weeks - man did it stink after I opened it up. Like puke (much the way Whey isolate is described in the Surge article)