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Premixing Metabolic Drive

…Low Carb version that is.

My schedule these days is more busy than I’d like it to be, but thems the breaks.

I’ve been pre-preparing my daily foods for as long as I can remember. I’m just wondering if anyone here has tried to “premix” their Metabolic Drive proteins, put it in a thermos or fridge, and drink it throughout the day.

Some protein powders seem to break down somehow if left in water suspension for too long. This is why in all my years in the iron game, I have never premixed or preblend my protein drinks. With Metabolic Drive, anyone know how long the product stays “intact” when premixed and stored in a cool place?

I only have experiences with shakes(Metabolic Drive, almonds, oats, milk, berries) staying in the fridge for a day or two. They have been fine, maybe requiring a quick stirring.

Sure, just shake it prior to drinking. I prob wouldnt make a weeks worth or anything but daily and kept cool should be kosher


i make three shakes before i go to work in the morning, drink one on the way to work and leaves the other two in a cooler in my car with some ice packs…have had no problems, just shake them up before you drink and you will be fine…