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Premier League

Started today. So happy.

All I have to say is I can’t believe RVP is no longer a Gunner… actually, I can. Looks to be a very interesting season.

Anyone do fantasy? Should we get a league set up?

Opinions? Predictions?

Looking forward to the season, although I still don’t have pay TV and won’t be getting it until I move into my new place which might still be weeks away!!!

Not sure who I am going to follow this season. I usually follow my favourite players, but now that it looks like Modric is leaving, Im not too sure who I will follow.


I just started watching last season but outside of watching Chelsea I didn’t follow much.

I was actually thinking about starting a thread. You obviously beat me to it. I believe ManU will win it. With the addition of RVP their two strikers should be unstoppable. My team is Everton, I can tell by your avi that Arsenal is your favorite. I have never done fantasy, how does it work?

I’ve been doing the fantasy league for a few years now. I’m in!

Stefan - Go here: http://fantasy.premierleague.com/

Basically you have 100 million pounds to spend on 15 players and you put your best 11 out each game week. It’s too late for week 1, but we could get it going for week 2 if there’s enough interest.

[quote]stefan128 wrote:
I believe ManU will win it. With the addition of RVP their two strikers should be unstoppable. [/quote]

I wonder how those two will work together though, I feel like it might be a slow start for them. I’m thinking City.

The bird: http://myp2p.mu/index.php?sport=football

i reckon Man U will get the title back, its gonna be a very interesting season.

Now the Hammers are back its gonna be even better, 3 points yesterday couldnt have started better.

I just signed up for fantasy. My computer is being fixed so I don’t know if I’ll be able to draft from my phone. I’m interested in fantasy.

I don’t think anyone other than the two Manchester clubs can challenge for the title this year.

I just hope that we (Arsenal) will be able retain 3rd place, win a cup and have a nice run in the Champions League.
The first match didn’t look that convincing unfortunately, but it looks like we still have a few players coming in, so I’m hopeful.
Cazorla looked great during the game. I’m expecting great things from him.

I’d be interested in a fantasy league.

Arsenal had the opportunities the other day, they just couldn’t bury it… Missing RVP a little already. I think we can still manage a top three finish though.

league: 1982692-422002

How about Everton getting that W over ManU! Fellaini is an animal! His hair gives him that heading power.