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Premature ejaculation


Long story short, I'm one of those guys that has a problem with premature ejaculation. Have any of you guys ever used any of those advertised books that describes how to do various exercises to control it? And, if so, how effective was it for you? BTW, I wouldn't be interested in any of those gels, sprays, rings, whatever.


Do kegel exercises (yes they work for men too). They will help you last longer and enjoy it more. Do a net search to find the directions for how to do them. You want to do both the short "flicks" and the longer holding kind.


I don't know if it's the propecia or the clomid but I am practically rubbed raw by the time I get off. Try one of those.


Those numbing creams, which you can buy right there with the condoms at most drug stores, work to an extent. They just desensitize you a litte. Supposedly once it dries it won't rub off on the female. (I'm married so we don't use condoms, which would solve that potential porblem.) You8 need to wait 30 minutes to have sex after rubbing it on. Not very spontaneous. Sometimes the excitement level was so high, I almost came anyway even though I'm desesitized, then one time my wife came and I almost couldn't. So the creams are "iffy" I guess you could say. Still, I think there are better options than creams and gels. I no longer need to use them and instead use a lot of foreplay. My girl and I almost always have a simutaneous orgasm now. It's more of a mental thing.


Any of my NY boyz who listen to O&A know about "anal ease", it's a numbing agent for butt spilunking. But Anthony recommended spraying the stuff on your unit after it's at attention. apparently the listners who tryed gave it rave reviews for marathon sex.


Think about baseball.


Talk to your Dr., Paxil will make you last for a while.....a LONG while.


Have your partner give you a bj first. Then concentrate on her "O" and when it's up again, I assure you that you'll last.


I do something i coined the "Rex Cobo Elastic Scrotum technique". All you do is when you feel "the feeling" coming on, reach down and grab your balls at the base and pull down. Pull and hold till your balls go back down to the ground floor if you can. That tends to work and if you can think of something that totally grosses you out helps also. Try thinking of that brown nasty crud that accumulates on the top of a mayo jar. Squeezing the crap out of your abs also helps a little bit but not much.
Hope some of this helps.


in my books, it ain't premature if you get it in!!
hehehe, popeye


Well, I hate to mention it because it's
a "drug" solution, and also it may be
completely idiosyncratic working only
on me, but here goes. I have a girfriend
I see sometimes who is practically insatiable.
I mean, if we're in bed 5 hours she wants
to be actually "getting it" for 4 hours
of that. I kid you not. Now, I'm 39 years
old and so this is a bit of a challenge,
and the best way to handle it is to save myself
till right at the end. If I planned on
multiple rounds, well, who knows, I might
wilt and not be able to go the full length
of time. I don't want to risk that because
she likes it so much.

As an assist: nalbuphine HCl, 4 mg. It's
a very low dose but effective. Higher
doses for me block orgasm completely,
although for at least one other person
has no such effect at all.

This is by the way not a controlled
substance, but is a prescription drug
one generally would not be able to
get. I'm hesitant to recommend it
because, contrary to what many medical
references say, it has considerable
potential for addiction. Though it does
not have that potential at the 4 mg dose,
in my opinion -- it's at higher doses
effective for pain-killing or assisting
sleep that you get that problem. A LOT
of people have been hooked on this stuff
so I am NOT recommending going and getting
it. I also have no clue whatsoever if it
would work in the premature ejaculation
situation, which isn't the same question
as extending what would already be a pretty
long time anyway and could be the full
length of time without assist also. But who knows, it might work the same way for
premature ejaculation also.

Incidentally, the mechanism is interesting.
Ejaculation does not occur because of
stimulation passing some certain threshold,
but because of inhibition of ejaculation
stopping. There's a particular nerve in
the spinal cord which inhibits ejaculation.
If there's an erection and any significant
stimulation at all, and this nerve stops
inhibiting the process, ejaculation occurs.
If for example the nerve is cut, a man
becomes basically an instant ejaculator.
In the case of men with premature ejaculation,
this de-inhibition is occuring very quickly.
If I recall correctly, serotonin levels have
something to do with this, but I guess it
didn't grab my interest sufficiently to
get me to be able to recall whether one
would want to increase serotonin to
help a premature ejaculation problem,
or decrease it.


Bill, according to an article I read in SCIAM,
serotonin does maintain the function of the
inhibitory nerve.


Trojan makes a condom called "Extended Pleasure," and let me tell you, they work. Sometimes a little too well, but I know that too long is a hell of a lot better than a few minutes! Give them a try.


In response to Bill and Mike's comments, it
would make sense that increasing serotonin
would improve the function of this inhibitory
nerve. Eg - men who take SSRIs can last much
longer - assuming that the SSRIs don't
completely kill sex drive, erectile function,
or the ability to achieve orgasm altogether.
I've never used a SSRI, but I know that when
I eat "normally" (with significant amounts of
carbs) I can go longer than when on a low carb
diet. I also noticed that I last longer since
I've been taking finasteride. Some men lose
some degree of erectile firmness or sex drive
from finasteride, but I did not experience
these side effects. So if you do not suffer
from these side effects, then using
finasteride might be something to try.


BTW, Bill, did you inject the nalbuphine as
IM, IV or subQ?


BTW, Bill, you have got to have some of the
most esoteric knowledge I have ever observed
in someone. You get a cookie.


For your info. Just did some quick research
on nalbuphine (Nubian). Agree with Bill, using
this is not to be taken lightly, and IMHO,
not something to be used merely for improving
sexual performance. Here's the info:

Nalbuphine hydrochloride


(NAL-byou-feen) Nubain (Rx)

Classification: Narcotic agonist/antagonist

See Also: See also Narcotic Analgesics.

Action/Kinetics: Synthetic opioid
resembling oxymorphone and naloxone. Potent
analgesic with both narcotic agonist and antagonist actions. Analgesic potency is
approximately equal to that of morphine, while its antagonistic potency is approximately
one-fourth that of nalorphine. Onset: IV, 2-3 min; SC or IM <15 min. Peak effect: 30-60
min. Duration: 3-6 hr; t1/2: 5 hr.

Uses: Moderate to severe pain. Preoperative analgesia, anesthesia adjunct, obstetric

Contraindications: Hypersensitivity to drug. Children under 18 years.

Special Concerns: Safe use during pregnancy (except for delivery) and lactation not
established. Use with caution in presence of head injuries and asthma, MI (if client is
nauseous or vomiting), biliary tract surgery (may induce spasms of sphincter of Oddi),
renal insufficiency. Clients dependent on narcotics may experience withdrawal symptoms.

Additional Side Effects: Even though nalbuphine is an agonist-antagonist, it may cause dependence and may precipitate withdrawal symptoms in an individual physically dependent on narcotics. CNS: Sedation is common. Crying, feelings of unreality, and other psychologic reactions. GI: Cramps, dry mouth, bitter taste, dyspepsia. Skin: Itching, burning, urticaria, sweaty, clammy skin. Other: Blurred vision, difficulty with speech, urinary frequency.

Drug Interactions: Concomitant use with CNS depressants, other narcotics, phenothiazines,
may result in additive depressant effects.

How Supplied: Injection: 1.5 mg/mL, 10 mg/mL, 20 mg/mL

*SC, IM, IV Analgesia.
Adults: 10 mg/70 kg q 3-6 hr as needed (single dose should not exceed 20 mg q 3-6 hr;
do not exceed a total daily dose of 160 mg).

Many pro bodybuilders are allegedly
addicted to this drug.


I would like to mention that GHB has a very nice effect in this regard if taken in a low enough dosage. You still get the same sensation, unlike alcohol, but it takes far more time to ejaculate. Too much and it just doesn't seem to happen. Since it is a prescribed schedule 3 drug now I suppose a doctor could prescribe it for this condition if he wanted to.


I for one would NOT want to sleep with someone who was high on Nubain just so he wouldn't ejaculate too soon!! Geeze guys lighten up! Masturbate beforehand,or have intercourse 2-3x in one night(fun!), Kegel,Have her cum first (oral sex is good)so the pressure is off, or just make sure she cums after you do. Whatever you do just make sure you are mentally THERE with her. I'll bet you guys would not want to sleep with a woman who always has to take mind altering drugs first.


Let's summarize Bill's "sex stack": he takes
winstrol tabs to maintain sex drive, viagra
to maintain erection, nubian to maintain
stamina, and clomid to increase "seminal
performance." No wonder he has 4 hour

Wait, wait! I've got it! Bill is in the
wrong business! He shouldn't be a steroid
guru designing "supplements", he should be a
sex drug guru selling sex drugs! Much bigger
market. He could set up his own web zine and
call it "Better Sex Through Pharmaceuticals".
Maybe team up with an open minded MD to
prescribe viagra etc. over the internet. OK,
I'm joking here guys...

Oy, this is what happens when I work too
much - I turn into a raving lunatic...