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Premature Ejaculation on TRT


My t levels were 499 the last lab work which was about 2weeks ago. Sleep is good. I don’t stress that much but there is another thread that I posted a 24hr urine test for hormones my doctor had me do. Do you think you can look at those for me and tell me what you think


Have you considered that that T level might be too low for you? I looked at your urine post but that is beyond my knowledge.


yea I have deffinetly took that into consideration. I was feeling my best at 800.
So ok here what happen my doctor took me off TRT back in May and put me on clomid 25mg ED
My TT was 815ng then in June it went down to 700 Then in July it was 650.
I don’t know what made it keep decreasing like that. So i feel like that was the problem here are my current labs