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Preloading Syringes


Question: how far in advance would you feel comfortable with preloading a syringe for future use?

i am in the middle of my first cycle (test-e 500mg/wk - frontloaded - with 4 weeks d-bol 'backloaded').
after finishing the first vial, i was about a half a cc short, and i have a feeling that by the time i get to the end of the entire cycle, i may be one whole shot short of what i had planned.
now since i'm backloading with d-bol, i need to have it planned so i take the d-bol for 4 weeks, with the last day falling on the day before PCT starts.

since i am unsure of the amount of test i actually have left, the last shot may be 3 days before what i originally had planned, if i am in fact about one cc short.
now i know it's not a big deal if i have to stop a few days short and forego 3 or 4 days of d-bol usage, but i just like to have everything planned out.

so i was wondering if i could preload the rest of the test in the remaining vial to see exactly how much i have and plan accordingly (it would be about 4 and a half weeks).
i know that once the syringe comes out of the package, it's not longer sterile, which is fine for a while, but is it fine for almost 5 weeks?
i haven't found anything on this board, and i've read conflicting opinions on other boards.
(this post was probably way longer than it should have been)
thanks for your help


I am not sure if there really is a "rule of thumb" out there for this, but I would imagine it would definitely depend on the environment you'd be keeping it in. Which would be?



i suppose i would just draw them all as usual into my 23g 3cc syringes, and just store them inside a ziploc bag in a cool, dry place. then put on a new needle before injecting when the time comes.


I wouldn't do your entire cycle's worth, but I see no problem with loading a weeks' worth. Especially if you're doing daily shots. Like on a tren ace/test cycle. You might have 9 or 10 shots a week.


I think the issue really is with how long the syringe does well with having the preparation in it.

As fmrmarineinbiz suggested, I'm sure there's no problem with a week.

I don't use this method, but I have noticed that if a used syringe is left around (capped) after some period of time (more than a week) the plunger hardens or swells. This may also depend on brand.

On the other hand, with water-based preparations, many store pre-loaded syringes in the freezer for extended periods of time.


the only reason i'm interested in this is so i can draw the rest of the cycle (about 4-5 weeks worth) to see exactly how many injections i have left. seeing as its probably not recommended preloading that far in advance, i suppose i'll just play it by ear and try to judge by eye