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Preloaded Syringes


Good morning to everyone. I've been prescribed testosterone enanthate at a 250 mg every 2 weeks and thus it would be 125 mg/wk.
I would like to inject at least weekly, but i'd prefer twice a week, but I only have 250 mg/ml ampoules (it is pharma grade test e).
Would it be acceptably safe to split the dose in quarters in preloaded syringes and inject it twice a week (or in thirds injected e4d).

The procedure would be the following:
-open the ampoule and inject a third immediately;
-draw the other two thirds with two different new syringes;
-change the wetted needle with a new one, with the plastic cap still on it;
-put them in a nylon bag and store it in the fridge;
-eventually change needle again when i have to inject them.

Would it be ok?


The testosterone may crystallize in the fridge.