Prehab Help Please


Would like some experienced help with the following problems:

Fairly internally rotated humeri (biggest problem but not terrible), slight scapular winging, slight scapular elevation.

I do the “23 hours a day” thing and I can keep all these problems under control visually…but my body wants to assume bad posture if I let it.

I don’t want to do the whole Neanderthal No More workout, as most of my posture is excellent and I’m very flexible.

Can anyone who’s had any or all of these problems please share tips? I have no other problems or injuries posturally.

Have you tried serratus anterior activation work?

EC’s Shoulder Savers Part I

-Have you found any major imbalances in strength or size?

No real imbalances, and I have done strict pullovers. I just finished doing some SMR work with a foam roller and some tennis balls in a sock, and some stretching, and . I have good middle back development and good lats, chest is about where it should be too. All of that is pretty loose, couldn’t hurt to start doing stretches

My shoulders and UPPER (visible from front) traps are deficient though, I’m about to hit them with Superhero and I’ll probably gain 10 pounds (right now I’m about 6’ 185ish <10%bf in bulk) in those 3 months easy, that’s how far behind they are. I’m really planning on packing on mass though.

I’m on a break right now (1 wk off completely from lifting after about 12 on) and I’m itching to do something!

What I’ve got figured out so far:

Mandatory daily:

Foam roller/tennis ball work to loosen back (upper)

Lat stretching/SMR/doorway pec stretch


Conscious posture change (I’m 80% there, I just want it to be NATURAL and not forced at all) throughout the day

Light external rotation activation-type work (can’t hurt, never done it before)

Intense rear delt stretch (yoga style)

Intense front delt stretch (over-under)

I’m thinking scap pushups, what about scap “shrugs” face-down on a bench?

The hardest part is keeping my humerus from rotating forward slightly AND keeping my scapula down/from winging all at once.

Ideas please. The problem isn’t bad, just annoying, and I think it’ll be the secret weapon I need for adding more size on to my traps/delts and having 100% perfect posture.