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Pregnenolone vs HCG

I can’t find much concrete info on actually supplementing with pregnenolone and its effects, and this question may sound stupid, but let’s say I don’t have access to HCG, can pregnenolone work as sort of a replacement for that? It does supposedly lead to the natural production of testosterone, and I think I even saw a few sites that suggested that it can even prevent testicular shrinkage (like HCG) when on TRT. Is this true or bs? It would seem to good to be true for an OTC supplement. And if it doesn’t prevent testicular atrophy, can it help with libido like HCG does for many men?

No .


As far as reducing testicular atrophy while on TRT, this is BS. Atrophy occurs because you need an LH and FSH signal for testicular function. Without these gonadotropins, the testicles will begin to atrophy. It seems to occur more in some individuals than others.

Regarding pregnenolone (and/or DHEA) as a replacement for HCG, there are some that believe that by supplementing these upstream hormones, you can replace the lost production from testicular shutdown. They refer to it as back-filling the steroid hormone production cascade. I have yet to see concrete data proving this, but it does make some theoretical sense. Since pregnenolone and DHEA are relatively inexpensive, I take small doses as part of my protocol.

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What dosages do you take specifically?

Do you mean Pregnyl? That is just a fancy name brand HCG, so yes it will work if that is what you mean.

My current dose is 50mg pregnenolone (25mg 2x AM & PM) and 25mg DHEA (PM only). It’s been many years since I’ve measured DHEA-S, but when I did, this put my DHEA-S at around 400 mcg/dL. The normal range is 38-313 for guys over 50 and 70-464 for guys 31-40 Y/O.

I’ve measured it twice while I was not supplementing and both measurements were pretty close to 74 mcg/dL

I have some labs planned in a couple weeks and I’ve included DHEA-S, so I plan to reevaluate my current dose based on that lab.

CORRECTION: Just reviewed my lab orders and I must have forgotten to order DHEA-S. I’m bummed! I wanted to know my levels and adjust doses if necessary. Guess I’ll need to wait for another set of labs. Not going to order this one special by itself.

Pregnenolone administration not only doesn’t increase testicles volume, it doesn’t increase testosterone.
It is converted primarily to progesterone and then to allopregnanolone. You can expect to see a 0,36 ng/ml increase in progesterone and 173 pg/ml increase in allopregnanolone from 100mg daily pregnenolone as seen here

DHEA can convert to testosterone at high dosage, but it is primarily converted to DHT at low dosages by a backdoor pathway. As for pregnenolone it doesn’t improve testicular atrophy.

The backfill strategy makes sense to support psychological functions, since these neurosteroids are important for well-being and TRT or HPTA dysfunction can potentially decrease their level even further.

Two different things. They are not interchangeable.

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Of note, DHEA and hCG are banned substances by the IOC and WADA.

Pregnenolone is not.

When do you think is best time to take pregnenolone?

Clinically, or time of day?

Time of day, anytime.

Clinically, for memory issues only.


A lot of trt clinics now push it but it seems to be causing more sides than benefits when just taken like that

You’ll find this funny but DHEA AND Pregenolone are banned for purchase in Canada unless you have a prescription. Smoke 10 packs a day of cigarettes and down a few bottles of Vodka is not an issue though.

No, it doesn’t. Some men do amazing on the stuff and some (like me) do not do well. It’s one of those things that you need to try for yourself to see if it works.

Some clinics (one I know in particular) are under the delusion that ALL men require pregenolone and they provide a cookie cutter protocol of cream, dhea, pregenolone, and melatonin to all patients, no matter what. Meanwhile, I get bombarded by guys from there asking why they feel like shit as well as what clinic they should go to instead.

Don’t be an idiot. Test one thing at a time. Regardless of what some doctors will tell you. If they insist you need to take everything at once, they are demonstrating a lack of logic.

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This is what I meant

I also feel only worse on preg and dhea, no reason to try them again

You said it seems to be causing more sides then benefits.

This is incorrect as plenty of guys do great on the stuff.

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I meant in general if just given to everyone without reason

You’d still be incorrect.

Might have to try that at some point then, my memory is completely awful.

Someone convinced me to try a really low dose of 5mg a day for neurotransmitters, cognition benefits etc. Instead of it taking 3 days to give me ED, it took 10. Never, ever touching it again

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