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Pregnenolone Level is Great, Could My DHEA Use Work?

Got some bloods back:

Pregnenolone - 335 (53 - 357)
DHEA - 163 (102-416)

In range, but is there any point in supplementing?

Are you supplementing pregnenolone? I would probably take some DHEA for a while and see “what it does”, but levels are probably ok.

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For me, when i test bloods without supplementing either dhea or preg, my preg is way way below the range, and my dhea is average in the range.

I now supplement with preg and once in awhile dhea.

I’d like to know as well, are you supplementing w preg? Dhea?

Also @roscoe88

I have added pregnenolone in the past, but am not currently. It used to make a huge difference for me, but not so much any more. Never tried DHEA.

Dhea always seems to give me better sleep and dreams.

There’s research that shows progesterone helps with estrogen management and keeps it in check. SO, when preg is low, progesterone would likely be low too.

Should we be taking pregnolone with TRT?

What does it do for men

I saw some on amazon

Recently upped my DHEA from 50 to 100mg to pull me out of the clouds. Worked. Memory still not great but im not floating anymore.

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Complicated. My Dr told me in men DHEA tends to convert to estrogen.
Which may be how we get the benefits??

Dr also said that dhea is on the low end because we are getting exogenous t.

I know there is research out there that dhea in itself is good. Who knows.

I feel good now. I do take melatonin most nights to help with sleep.

If I try dhea i think it will screw up my current system. Meaning right now my body knows how much t to convert to e2.

I tried preg and it made me bloated.
I tried dhea but I forgot why I stopped it

By all means, if you don’t need it, don’t take it. I was taking 50 and wasn’t sure if it was doing anything so I stopped. After about a week it was evident it had been doing a bit. So now I doubled it and I feel much better.

My understanding is that pregnenalone and DHEA can both suffer when on exogenous T. My testing on both showed they were on the very low end of normal. I havent tested since supplementing. Just going by feel.

This is true. Paradoxically in women it tends to convert to testosterone.

So this is my DHEa and my Preg on my labs. I was wondering my self what do they do because me doctor has me taking 100mg of pregame’s 30min before bed and 25mg of DHEA at night after dinner. Now Im not really sure why I am on them and what does supplementing them do for me. Can DHEA convert to DHT and can that make me lose more hair?