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Pregnenolone = Less Water

I have experimented with Pregnenolone plenty of times. I like how I feel on it. It definitely lifts brain fog and increases my verbal fluency. It improves my libido and energy. The only thing caveat, is it tends to mess with my sleep a bit. Anyway, one other thing I have noticed is that it seems to counteract water retention. I seem noticeably more lean whenever I take it. What is the mechanism for this action? Anyone else notice this?

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I get the same thing w preg. Not so much the libido, but the mental clarity and verbal thing.

Take preg first thing in the morning. Taking at nite may upset sleep.

I agree. I started taking it again last week and definitely noticed a difference. I take 100 mg about every other day.

You just answered the question I was typing at almost the exact same time! This works out to the same daily dose I take, but I’ve gone in the opposite direction. I take 25mg in the AM and 25mg in the PM right after dinner (~7 PM). I don’t seem to have a problem with sleep.

I have no substantiation either way for it’s affects, as it’s been a part of my TRT protocol since day 1 over 8 years ago. It was suggested as part of my overall hormonal program by my doc at the time who is a well respected name in the TRT world. But I can say that brain fog, libido, and erections are no longer a problem sice being on my overall hormone program which includes both pregnenalone and DHEA and a bunch of other stuff.

I think being on pregnenolone while on TRT is probably a good idea. It is not just a precursor of testosterone, but has other functions itself. Same with DHEA, even though you would think the body would still be able to produce it from the pregnenolone.

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The verbal thing is pretty incredible. I am clearly deficient in something because the difference in my speech with and without pregnenolone is profound.

Anyone else notice the dryer look?

I feel I need to go to the restroom more frequently, especially at night but not sure if this has anything to do with it. I would need to check my body water %. My scale can measure that. I can then compare it to the numbers a few weeks ago.

What other stuff they have you on?

@dixiewrecked @mindphaser @roscoe88 @youthful55guy

What TRT protocols are you guys on (dosage, frequency)? And what else are you guys taking?

I’m only taking testosterone, at 200mg split daily, was thinking moving to improve thyroid (a bit high), or even DHEA, but might just skip to Preg as my main issue is still brainfog. Thoughts?

Also, I’m just on 7 weeks into 200mg, descent chance I feel symptom-relief in the next week to a month. Although so far I’m far better than 100 or 150 mg split daily, so considering going to 250mg to be sure I can rule out testosterone (a single variable) from the equation.

If your issue is brainfog and thats it, it might be worth trying Pregnenolone. Its onset is fast and you go back to normal within a couple days after quitting. Unlike a Testosterone dosage change which takes months to evaluate.

At the moment my protocol is
180mg TC weekly eod
60mg pregnenolone am
10mg DHEA pm

Yeah, might go ahead with it if T doesn’t cut it. What were your lab ranges before and currently with pregnenolone, if any? I checked a year ago and mine came out to 36 ng/dl. No idea what’s normal as my Labcorp reading shows normal range is anything under 136 ng/dl. According to that logic a reading of 0 is fine…

Thanks again for the comment. Think I’ll give it a try once I hit 3 months on my 200mg split daily protocol. I’ll go ahead and do more thorough research in the mean time.

I really really liked it but the effects only lasted a couple of weeks at most, and then I felt worse overall. Sucks because it made a tremendous difference for me.

I’d definitely try it again if I had a solution to keep it working like that.

My standard protocol has evolved over the past 8+ years. Keep in mind that I do occasional experiments where I go off protocol.

First 5 years: 40mg E3D (93mg/week) + 150 IU HCG MWF. Hormone related supplements:

  • Zinc Picolinate (100 mg/day) + 4 mcg copper
  • D3 (9000 IU/day)
  • 30 mg DHEA
  • 50 mg Pregnenolone
  • 6 mg Boron (3mg AM&PM)

Years 6&7: Gradual increase to 50mg E3D (117mg/week) + 150 IU HCG Daily (mixed with peptides) = 1050 IU/week. Same hormone related supplements.

Years 8+: Further increase to 58mg E3D (136mg/week) + 150 IU HCG Daily (mixed with peptides) = 1050 IU/week. Same hormone related supplements.

Few questions:

  1. Have you tried going without HCG and instead tried a higher dose of testosterone? Your dose is pretty low but probably ads up to descent with the boost of HCG.
  2. Any reason you do the Zinc and copper? Genuinely curious, I’ve heard mixed opinions.
  3. Have you checked your D3 levels? I was taking 5000 ius everyday for years and just a few months ago found I was almost over the upper limit on the range.
  4. Did you isolate DHEA, Preg, Boron from one another to see how they helped, or did you just take them all at one time? I’m just curious what to try out first as I’d probably isolate a month for each to see what works, and drop whatever makes a negligible or negative difference.

Much appreciated.

  1. I see no need to cut back on my HCG. I have a script for it and it’s not all that expensive (~$700 per year). I’m also not price sensitive.

  2. My original doc thought that zinc was important. He seemed to think it helps control estrogen levels. He actually recommended higher levels, but I thought 100mg/day wa enough. The copper is to balance the zinc. I did some research and it is important to balance intake of the two minerals.

  3. Yes, I get my D3 labs checked annually. The last two years the numbers have been 83 and 84 ng/mL (normal range = 30-100).

  4. I’ve not experimented with my supplements. I’ve been taking both DHEA and Prenenolone from day 1 on the advice of my TRT doc. He seemed to think they were important for cognitive function (as some have mentioned here). I’ve not questioned taking them since they are dirt cheep and easy to take.

Just wondering as it seems most on HCG only feel better because of the extra T, was curious if you tried both ways.

Do you have Aromatase excess syndrome? Not sure why he’d have you “control” estrogen, it’s literally half the benefits of TRT (libido, bone density, joint health, fat burning, wellbeing, heart health, among protecting against several other problems.)

Are you a patient of Dr Gordon by any chance

150mg once per week. Seeing a bit more libido, but its only a few weeks in. I may have to play with a little arimidex later one.

Preg will make a difference almost the first or second day you take it.

I don’t think so. My E2 is usually within the high end of normal while on TRT, so I don’t think so. My former TRT doc recommends zinc to all his patients. I don’t think his recommendation was specific to me.

The operative word is “was” a patient of his. Really nice guy and very knowledgeable. I spent my first 3+ years with him and then finally convinced my PCP to take over medication management. This brought the cost way down since Dr. G does not accept any form of insurance. It also gave me more flexibility in filling my scripts at our local compound pharmacy, which is much less expensive. Biggest reason though, is that I didn’t want to do the 200 mile round trip for face to face consultations, although I hear he’s gone to video visits in the past few years.