Pregnenolone Labs?

I want to get up to speed on pregnenolone before I start TRT. Apparently, some guys need it. Others can’t tolerate it. Is there a blood test for pregnenolone that might indicate a deficiency? Thanks.

Yep. Check progesterone and DHEA levels after you’ve started TRT and see if they are suppressed. Some guys won’t notice much decrease, some will

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So if progesterone and DHEA are suppressed, this might indicate a pregnenolone deficiency?

Pregnenalone labs have been worthless for me. Always the same result regardless of supplementation.

25mg sublingual 1-2x daily seems improve mood and energy.

I would get other hormones where you want them, then go by feel on pregnenalone.

I like transdermal progesterone too. Helps with adrenaline (anxiety) and or E2 related issues. Testing appears to track with supplementation.

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This has been my experience too.

OP, many at first don’t seem to need pregnenolone or progesterone, especially if you can keep your testes online (are able to tolerate hcg).

I’ve been on TRT for 6 years now and feel better taking both, whereas I felt worse taking them in year 1.