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Pregnenolone/Hormone Help Please


Hi, you guys usually know more about hormones than doctors so looking for some advise... Wondering if anyone has tried pregnenolone hormone by Life flo. I need some reassurance. I have PMDD and took HRT for 8 years, but had to come off it because i have bad IBS/food intolerances. So i've been doing a food intolerance diet for 6 months and finally finished it. PMDD has meanwhile become more severe than before i went on the HRT. So I was desperate and ordered pregnenolone and DHEA off internet.

The DHEA will take a month to arrive so taking pregnenolone just until it arrives. My gyno said it was safe to take DHEA 25mg. But i dont know much about pregnenolone except what i read. I took it for first time today and i'm also taking Flixonase/Flunase nasal spray for my dust mite allergy, and not sure if its safe to take them both together. Advise much appreciated if anyone has experience with this! Thanks Liz


I took the preg cream for 2 days, but got bad pms/pmdd and so stopped today. I dont know if it would make me worse tho, think it prob just didn’t help. Anyone know if preg can make you moody? Thanks