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Pregnenolone Dosage???


I know everyone is different but what dosages are guys using, is there a common dosage that seems to work for most. Im on 50mg TD and waiting for results of blood tests but feel i need to go higher. My initial good response has dropped off and my body temp has gone down back to what it was previously, so i think this means i need to increase my preg or maybe look into thyroid, but i dont think i have exhausted my preg yet.



I take 25 mg TD daily...that dose seems to be working for me as I'm feeling much better and noticing positive physical changes....still feels like something is off, but I think this is more like to screwed up E2 than preg....

Is it possible you aren't absorbing it?


I tried a couple of days at 100mg of preg and felt quite good, but will go back to 50mg so my blood test is more accurate to the dosing i originally started with, then after testing will definately increase the dosage. If my freeT doesnt look like moving i will look at adding the T as well. SOrting this hormone modulation stuff takes time, i want to feel good now!!! lol.
Originally my dhea was very low and adding dhea made me feel worse and shot my E2 up so hoping preg increases dhea without the E2 increasing


When we start patients out it is at 25 mgs a day TD then we monitor their symptoms then adjust accordingly. One has to be careful because preg is like russian roulette you do not know how it is going to hit you. it needs to be monitored through a competent dr.