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what supplements or drugs can help to increase sperm count in order to increase the chances of my wife in getting pregnant?


I can fill in for you!


Vasectomy reversal?


Search for "Make Me a Baby" on T-Mag

Also, I'd think Tribulus would help.


Don't know if it had anything to do with it, but my wife got pregnant after a week of trying while I was on Tribex.


I saw something on the discover channel a few weeks ago that said men are having trouble with healthy sperm from all the estrogen in drinking water. It said women only use about 20% of the estrogen from birth control pills and the rest is pissed out and not getting filtered out of our water. I was just flipping through the channels and stopped there for a minute so I don't know what show it was. Also a friend of mine is trying to get pregnant and was told it could take a year or more after stopping taking the pill. A doctor told her that so I'm sure it's true but I'm not sure about the discover channel thing.




L-Arginine increases sperm count...btw..this info is from 'The Nutritional Guide to Healing'...also wear boxers