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My GF is pregnant, she smoke weed and so do I , she has taken allergra and cipro atype c drug. I’m taking 1-testosterone, 5-andro, GH and a bunch of other shit, question will this have an effect on the baby, she is five week,
need help the quwack is is going to has no idea.

you is idiot. so is you girlfriend. drug you take will have no effect on junior. if she still smoke weed baby = retard, just like dad.

For god’s sake, tell her to quit smoking (weed, cigarettes) and drinking (if she does). If you cannot afford to go to another doc (a compentent one, that is) then at least get online and do some research on how her meds could interfere with her pregnancy. As for how your habits could affect the baby… I don’t know, but what’s most important now is for her to take care of herself. You could show your support by cleaning up you act too, though. Not trying to preach to you, but you both have more to worry about now that this has happened. And I do commend you both for deciding to go throught with it (if, in fact, you are). I imagine that’s not a very easy decision to make. Best of luck.

While you and GF were throwing down pill’s and smokin’ chronic, maybe it would have been a good idea to through some ortho-novum down that chick’s throat, you schmuck. You gotta have a license to drive a car, to own a dog, even to catch a goddamned fish but any 2 idiots with interlocking parts can have a child. Good luck, Pops!

I don’t know about the allegra, Cipro whatever drug it is but as far as smokin some pot while pregnant, I think thats a bit risky and selfish. I don’t consider bud a drug and I toke once or twice a month, but a developing baby doesn’t need that shit.

“I smoke bud, My girl smoke bud, Da baby smoke bud, WE ALL SMOKE BUD!!!”

Could be you’re a dipshit trolling for responses, but if not: You are one of many stupid pieces of shit that produce kids I will eventually support. What kind of low-life bitch tokes while she is pregnant? What kind of “man” puposely creates bastards? Do me a favor and drive yourself and your gf off a cliff. And BTW, learn english dumb fuck.

You’ve got to be joking. And I thought MY little situations were bad! :wink:

Gee, I know I don’t see a problem here. Anyone else?

Actually if I were you, I’d add crack to the mix. Just to balance it out. Or acid…actually I’d also add some beer on top of it or heroin. It’ll be a cool combo of medication to help deliver a baby…

Man oh man, you must have expected big time flames on this, right? I guess it’s true, some people shouldn’t have kids. Think about the start you are giving this child. Even though abortion is very touchy subject to say the least, you might want to consider it. If not, then adoption, no child should have parents like you two. Wake up dude.

I think thats the first time Jar Jar Binks has posted.

Stella, you got a pretty wicked sense of humor yourself there. You go girl.

And to mako: you’re an idiot. Shoot yourself, the GF and the baby ('cause there’s no way it’s going to come out with an IQ of over, say, four); save the gene pool.

Raising children is very, very hard work. Raising a child with any kind of health problem or disability is 100 times harder. Wake up! If you both keep smoking and popping drugs this will have an affect on this child, and a child with any kind of discomforting problem is going to make it hell on the parents. Remember, babies can only cry when they need something–and the crying will drive you nuts. So–plan ahead to have as healthy a child as is humanly possible. Do not smoke anything around your pregnant gf; eat properly; do not take drugs or drink (and you can support her on this one too!); get lots of rest and sleep; look at beautiful things and listen to calming music. The pregnancy only lasts 9 months. The child will be there for at least 18 years!!! Think about it!!!

Although it was my first instinct to flame the shit out of this guy, I read over the post a second time and came up with a different interpretation. Maybe he’s saying that he and his girlfriend have been smoking weed and taking other drugs all the while being ignorant to the fact that she was 5 weeks pregnant. Now that they’re aware they hopefully intend to stop and they’re possibly worried about there previous indulgences. Though this theory doesn’t excuse his negligence entirely it would seem to me at least reason for everyone to be a little more supportive. I could be wrong but I thought I’d add this different perspective until he has a chance to possibly clarify. If it turns out that he is the selfish piece of shit that everyone has made him out to be then certainly burning him at the stake with flames is quite justified.

Body guard you may well be right, but if you try and deceipher his last sentence it sounds like they have willingly witheld this info from the doctor, I think anyway. Either way didn’t they hear of birth control? My wife and I go at it as often as she is able and in 4 years we haven’t even had a close call. I still think they are idiots. No child needs parents like these two. Are you willing to pay for their mistakes?

Please tell me you are joking.

Well there isn’t any proof that smoking weed while being pregnant does damage to a baby (just meida hype and special intrest groups telling lies, no actual tests) but why risk it? It is always better to not do drugs while pregnant than to do them. I’m not going to act like one of these holier than thou people responding to your post but just rememeber that not doing drugs will always be healthier than doing drugs.

I’m still laughing, the utter retardedness of this is unbelievable.