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Pregnancy Nutrition???


My wife and I just found out that we will be having another baby(first baby will be 1 on October 31:) I am going to be following T-Dawg 2.0 as I am still trying to lose weight that I put on during our first pregnancy:( My wife does not want to put on additional weight this time, however, I was wondering if T-Dawg rules modified with more carbs would be okay for her to follow?? If not what kind of nutrition plan should she follow(didn't like the nutirion plan from doctor and/or dietician with first pregnancy) Are there any articles that deal with this?? Any thoughts JB?

Also any P+F meal sugguestions?? I know this has been asked in the past, however, as I have searched the search engine, but I was hoping to get some simple recipes. I know I am a newbie so please do not flame me, as I am really seeking help:)

Thank you in advance.


Ask Cass about this. She hss plenty of information on this topic. If she doesn't see it, I'll ask her to reply to it.


Keto and pregnancy dont get along too well.

Dont worry about p+f stuff or anything, just make sure she eats adequate protien, plenty of fruits nad veges and some good fats.
And make sure that she doesnt use the 'weight gain' as an excuse to eat anything possible.


posted toooo soon

and also adequate energy is important.


Thank you Thunder. Cass can you help me please??



Please be VERY VERY careful with this. All sorts of bad things happen when women don't get complete nutrition during pregnancy. Some weight gain is normal, if she tries to avoid that she could end up hurting the baby's development.


Yeah doctors will rarely agree with anything you plan on, they dont seem to mind you gaining 60lbs during it..

My wife has been through 4 pregnancies, each time gaining less weight.

I would say a dont diet type is fine, and of course go for the best carbs you can.
Problem with something like tdawg during pregnancy is constipation. From what i've heard it becomes easier to get constipated while pregnant, and tdawg certainly wont help matters.
Also I think you would need a certain amount of good carbs just to maintain good vitamin/mineral balances.

Im sure diet brains (like cass and others) here would have some specific info.

Hard part for you man is just going with the flow and being supportive. Although since you've had one baby you already know that.

Get ready for the fun also, having 2 kids close together is really fun...bwahahahhhaaha.. we had 4 in 4 years BTW.
Wouldnt do it again either, should have spread them out a bit more.



Although Cass will probably chime in.

Here are my $.02

Do not have her diet. Eat alot of everything. Lean meats, vegteables, fruits, beans, seeds, nuts (a la mirkin)

Of course adding in the following is always recommended

Fish Oil
Folic Acid
PreNatal Vitamins

All things being equal, as long as she has her vitamains and efa's in - she will be good to go. Quality food sources- ideal fats - etc.

Congrats on the news!


Do a search on google for "fish oil" and pregnancy.


Sorry what I meant to write was that I am going to follow T-Dawg and we were hoping that she could eat similiar meals except with more carbs. She is going to get plenty of veggies and fruits. With here first pregnancy she gained 40 pounds(mainly because we both ate like crap). This time around we want to eat clean and she is going to continue to lift light weights and moderate cardio in hopes of not getting too bad out of shape. She was able to lose the 40 pounds she put on with her first pregnancy and she lost another 15 by eating 6 meals a day and lifting weights.

Thank you Michelle we are looking forward to another family member(we all ready have a daughter and 2 Jack Russell Terriors)


I wouldn't even attempt to maintain anything like a keto diet. They are a bit stressful to the body, which is fine if you're not pregnant, but it takes a lot of energy to manufacture a human being, so she really needs to keep carbs in her diet. I would back off of most bodybuilding supplements as well. Especially in that first trimester. It may not have negative effects, but why experiment when the costs of finding out it doesn't go well are so high? My wife wouldn't even take cold medicine with any of her three pregnancies (poor thing jsut suffered through it if she had to). Subsequently, she had three very health pregnancies.

What kind of modified training is she going to do? There is no reason for her to drop her exercise, but she should lower the intensity by several degrees. The main thing is to just not get overheated. That can be a danger to the fetus, especially again in that first trimester. As many women as I have seen miscarry, I just wouldn't take my chances if I were you.

Congrats on number two! Nothing better in life than kids in my opinion. Mine are the center of my whole universe!


Boom, I wouldnt put her on a low carb diet.Also make sure she gets plenty of Folic acid(leafy greans like spinach are a great source).Let her get plenty of vitamins from whole foods if posible(remember your body absorbs its nutrition better from real food rather then a supplement)...If you are wodering what the Folic acid is for,it aids in the prevention of birth defects.
I hope this helps,Congrats and good luck!!


Hey there,

The first thing I would say is like cycomike and michelle said, she has to eat a wide varitey of foods to meet the requirements of a growing child. Please don't be selfish, you're eating for a baby and yourself, so you have to eat enough.

As far as the T-Dawg 2.0 goes, it is a nice healhty diet, but it is probably too low in fiberous carbohydrates and carbs in general for her. So, yes, she should eat more. And like cycomike said, the rules for combining p+f and p+c can't be used here. They just won't allow her to eat enough.

Canned tuna should be limited (the mercury problem), and dairy and calcium should be increased. Even eat the 2% milk products because the dairy fat and CLA are sooo good for the baby. Fish fats are essential, as so are egg yolks. Limit the nuts and peanut butter though because of the common issue with nut allergies.

Drink LOTS of water and fluids, because pregnant women tend to get constipated more.

Uhm, I'll write more a bit later because I'm super rushed right now. But I wanted to let you know I'm here.


In the mean time, some points:

  1. Lots of calcium and Vitamin D
  2. EFAs
  3. Iron (w/ Vitamin C for better uptake)
  4. Folic Acid
  5. Adequate weight gain (15-40lbs depending on pre-pregnancy weight)


Thank you to everyone that has contributed and yes we are looking forward to another baby(although we are somewhat scared with them being so close in age) There have been some good tips so far, some stuff we did not know about during her first pregnancy. Do you think CLA, Fish Oil Caps and EFA's like Pumpkin seed oil and Flax oil should be consumed on a regular basis?? This wasn't done during first pregnancy but this is something that she will do if there are benefits. Also she will not be dieting, only I am, I just wanted to know if eating protein, fats and carbs similar to me would be okay. By proteins, I mean meats, eggs, protein powders, cottage cheese, etc. We often eat meals together and this would make life easier if we could eat similar meals( only I will be limiting the carbs as I do not want to gain the weight that I did during our last pregnancy:(. I just don't want her to eat too much protein while she is pregnant. Any one know of an approximate number, say .75 grams of protein per pound??

I know some of of these points have been addressed already but I just wanted to re-enforce the fact that she will not be limiting the carbs only fat me:)


No soy products!

Folic acid (I believe 800 mg/day is recommended)

Essential fats (there are worries about mercury in tuna and PCB's in tuna and salmon, but fish oil capsules are no problem)

Of course, lots of fruits and vegetables, and the foods recommended in articles like "food that make you look good nekkid".


Hi Boom and Lucky Lady,

Bossman hit it right on the head. As did so many of our wonderful forumities.

Do not have her diet. Eat a lot of everything.

Variety is the key to make sure she gets all nutrients in her body. Over the course of a week she should be eating a wide range of foods. Especially due to the fact that her taste buds are going to drive her food intake, she should be eating different foods every day.

For example, to meet her fat requirements (essential fats plus general fat for vitamins and healthy eating) one day she might eat scrambled eggs (with the yolks ~ 2), drink 2% milk, use olive oil on some steamed veggies or salad, and eat salmon.

Then the next day she might eat ground flax in her oatmeal with a cup of lower fat yogurt, then have handful of plain, unroasted nuts (eg. Walnuts which are very high in the n-3 EFA ALA), take some fish oil capsules, drink soymilk with her high fiber cereal (I like Fiber One with psyllium), have canola oil on veggies, and have a small steak later in the day.

As long as she rotates her intake throughout the week, she won't cause any deficiencies, and she shouldn't have problems with allergies (like allergies to soy, which someone mentioned).

In regards to fat supplements, unless she absolutely loses her appetite and can't eat enough fats each day, I would supplement with a omega 3,6 oil blend (capsules or liquid). Then, no matter what, she should take fish oil capsules each day. She can take about 9 on days she doesn't eat salmon, sardines, trout, or herring; and then take at least 3 on days she does eat those fish. Don't bother with CLA right now. It's a fat that is found in red meat and dairy fat, and is mostly useful for fat loss in obesity, and as an anti-tumorgenic agent in cancer.

Her protein requirements are actually higher than non-active individuals because of the protein needed to grow a healthy baby. She should get at least 0.8g/lb of body weight. And since she'll be eating a lot of food throughout the day, she might even eat more than this, which is not a bad thing at all. Protein powders might be helpful if she develops an adversion to meat and fish or eggs (which some do).

Alrighty, Let's see what else everyone has to add. :slight_smile:



Thank you very very much Cass. You and everyone else have been very helpful.

Does anyone know if Pumpkin seed oil is a good source EFA?? I recently purchased it and the taste is far better than Flax or Hemp.


Just a FYI list of teratogens (agents causing fetal damage, most susceptible during weeks 3-8 of pregnancy) since I'm studying this stuff right now anyway.

Captopril (ACE inhibitor)
Disulfiram, Alcohol
Etretinate (Tegison)
Inorganic iodides
Isotretinoin (Accutane)
Soft Cheeses - can harbor Listeria which causes neural tube defects similar to folate deficiency
Methimazole (Tapazole)
Penicillamine (Cuprimine)
Phenytoin (Dilantin)
Tetracycline/Doxycycline (Vibramycin)
Thalidomide (still used for leprosy)
Valproic Acid (Depakene)
Warfarin (Coumadin)



Lowfat yogurt? You said dairy fat is 'soooo' good for the baby.