Pregnancy Lifting

Hi Everyone, I wanted to know If anyone has experience with lifting pregnant, also as far as diet what did you do? Or what would you recommend? I’ve been trying to stick to lower carb/paleo but I have been eating too many bad carbs lately and was considering a 33/33/33 type split with my calories being higher of course!

I’m currently 6.5 months pregnant and have kept up lifting- which I have been doing passionately since I was 18, I’m now 25. I mostly deadlift, squat, do variations on lunges, weighted glute bridges etc mostly working the lower body because it feels right. Upper body has gone down significantly because it feels uncomfortable- I just do some DB presses, rows, and I either do DB shoulder presses or hang cleans. All my weights are down significantly for safety reasons. And I do hikes, stairs or I have down uphill sprinting with adequate rest not much cardio purposely though since I prefer to keep as much muscle as possible. That’s about it plus glute activation work and kettlebells occasionally. I also work full time, retail and I’m on my feet for 7-8 hours a day.

Please don’t reply if your opposed to women working out pregnant because I’ve done my research, I understand anatomy and the benefits of working out while pregnant. If anyone is interested please check out Crossfit moms and all the videos posted on youtube, there are tons of pregnant women getting it in till they pop with enormous benefits. I’m also looking forward to a quicker and much easier birth by maintaining my fitness. As well I’d like to gain more in my glutes and legs however I may have to leave this goal till after birth but If anyone has any experience or advice I’d greatly appreciate it! I’d also like to note that of course my son’s health comes first and foremost, but I don’t think there is a problem eating cleaner if I have adequate calories and fat as well as maintaining my current lifts.

Have you thought about doing overhead squats with an empty bar? Or with a broomstick if you’ve never done them before? It’ll help you with the upper body and works your lower body at the same time. My friend’s wife did them while she was pregnant with no problems whatsoever.

Good job for staying at it while pregnant! That muscle will definitely help :slight_smile:

Hi Pixie, yeah I’ve done overhead squats before they’re awesome but I’m not as experienced in doing them so I’d start with just the Oly bar. A lot of the women doing crossfit pregnant use them. And Thanks, I was hoping for more replies but it looks like this is still such an unexplored area in the “fitness” world, hopefully one day!..

it sounds like you are on the right track.

As long as you aren’t ‘dieting,’ but have a healthy diet then it’s all good! Probably why you didn’t get many replies because you mainly answered your own questions :slight_smile:

I don’t have much advice but wanted to say good for you!! I have five kids and lifted thru each pregnancy (until it got uncomfortable or ridiculous :)) and they were all healthy and happy. I didn’t seem to be hurting as much while I was pregnant and working out as my friends who sat on their butts all day while they were pregnant.

Keep doing what feels good - as long as you aren’t going crazy everything will be awesome!! elieve in yourself and your body!

Congratulations on the baby bump! There’s this thread from a couple of months ago, with some links that might be helpful.