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Pregenolone Needed, Testicular Implant Replacement


It's been a while since I have posted.
All labs are in what KSman details as optimal levels--with the exception of estriadol2, which is still at 32. Serum T is 626, free T is 35.
I continue on TRT as follows.
100mg of Test C weekly
1.0mg Anastrozole weekly in 2 doses of .5mg.

No other supplementations---
1. should I also be taking a supplement of pregenolone? If so, how much, how often?
2. Since I have "artificial nuts" should I use Hcg? Doubt it, but would like clarification as my scrotum is always tight causing discomfort on nuts
3. should I up my T injestion amounts as I am not seeing muscular gain at 46 years despite religious lifting schedule.
4. Anything else you would recommend?