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Prefueling/Peri-Workout Nutrition on a Budget


As a UK student the ANACONDA Protocol is comfortably out of my price range for now...

I have been putting some thought towards implementing the vague idea of the method used... particulary geared towards cutting.

Now this is by no means me thinking that this is equal or even close to the ANACONDA Protocol... that would be like comparing a fighter jet to a golf buggy...

... But rather a replacement for the seemingly outdated post workout P+C shake that I have been knocking back without question for years.

I am also all for simplifying things/minimising the number of different shakes and the such I'll be knocking back.

So my proposal:

-15: Whey concentrate, Dextrose, Creatine monohydrate, Any stimulants (big ass, double strength mug of green tea does it for me!)
During workout: Dextrose
+30-60: P+F dominant meal composed of real food items

I figure that the cheap whey concentrate... although having a relatively fast uptake compared to other proteins is still VERY slow compared to isolate, hydrolases... and CH of course.

Based on that assumption I figure a single, sizeable dose a short while before the workout should be sufficient.

Dextrose pre is there to help load up glycogen stores and obviously provide something to run on... the dextrose during to simply maintain energy levels and prevent a crash.

And as the liquid, rapidly digested P+C shake doesn't seem to be reccomended any more I have replaced it with a P+F Meal... I believe Mod Brian was saying he had good results from whey + coconut oil. I'll be chowing down some real food however.

FYI: I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel or any such nonsense. Just trying to further my understanding and come up with a cost effective improvement on my current protocol!

Thank you for any help!


Here is my cheap alternative...

-45: 40g BCAAs (0.2g of BCAAs per pound)
-20: 5g leucine
-10: 25g whey isolate, 40-50g dextrose, 3g creatine mono
During: 25g whey isolate and 5g of leucine
+15: 50g whey isolate, 3g creatine mono
+80: 5g leucine and 50g whey isloate
+90: solid meal (3 eggs, 1/3 cup egg whites, spinach, cheese, tomatoe, rice toast with almond butter)


Thank you for the feedback... I might perhaps make some alterations:

-15: Whey Concentrate, Dextrose, Creatine, Stimulants
During: Whey Concentrate, Dextrose,
+15: Whey Concentrate
+60-90: Solid P+F Meal

I'm considering dropping the creatine from post on account of the lack of carbohydrates?

To anyone else around: Which is the superior option - this route or my previous one?


The reasoning behind running dextrose throughout instead of dosing high before is because I don't have any of the sustained release carb sources that the finibars and the such have to offer... so to maintain stable blood sugar levels I was assuming it would be right to take them throughout.

Still would love peoples opinions on the whey during/post... especially considering its the slower release whey concentrate.


If I were you I would add BCAA's before and during and switch out the dextrose for WMS or maybe a combo of the two.


Again cost is the factor here - that and limited storage space!

If you were given those few supplements - what would you do with them?... particulary on the subject of cutting.

I have also heard reports of WMS causing digestive related woes!


As far as cost WMS, some decent whey, BCAA, creatine, and maybe some extra L-Leucine can be pretty cheap depending were you get them.

I've been consuming carbs, protein, and BCAA's pre-worjout for a solid year now with good results. However I'm going to start switching things up as a just made a peri workout supplement purchase. I'm going to be doing Protein and BCAA's 30 min before my workout, AA's during, and after whey plus WMS and some added L-leucine(add this to basically everything) and creatine. I always have at least two solid meals before the gym as well.

You could always do WMS/dextrose combo before the workout as well, I just decided to experiment with something new.