Prefilling or Using Vial?

My doc prescribed 0.5ml (125mg) of Sustanon E6D. I’m injecting 0.25ml E3D for more stable bloods. (In my country only Sustanon is prescribed, so no Enanthate/Cypionate.

I’m getting the 1ml glass ampules (which suck) from my pharmacy. Obviously, i can’t open one ampule and leave it open, so i need some other solution.

I have figured out 2 options;

1: Buy sterile 10ml vials, opening all my Sustanon ampules, pulling them in a syringe and loading the vial up. I use 29g 1/2" fixed needle insuline syringes which i can full up as needed on the moment of injection.

2: Opening up 1 ampule and filling 4x 0.25 fixed needle syringes and using them E3D. So basically i’m leaving pre-filled syringes 3, 6 and 9 days filled up and waiting to be injected.

Does anyone here have experience with either one of both methods?

Which of both is more sterile? If i pre-fill the syringes are all the needles sterile enough for injection? (Needles are fixed, cant change them).

English isn’t my first language, so excuse me for any poor English.

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Both options are fine.

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Practiced both methods without issue. The sterile 10ml vial option is my preference just make sure you swab the rubber top with an alcohol wipe before each injection.


Thank you. I think i will go for the vial option to. I think thats the most sterile option.