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Preferred Cycle


Hi Jim,

Count this line as the abbreviated but sincere obligatory praise and you're awesome and thank you stuff - so you don't have to waste too much time reading before getting to the point.

The point - What cycle type do you prefer or what has worked best for you? The traditional 531 3-week cycle + deload or the newer 531X2 (6-week) cycle + deload?

Thank you


I think he recommends the 6 week cycle more often now, the exception being if you are feeling beat up or if you think you'll start feeling beat up. The purpose of the deloads aren't to make you feel better, but to keep you feeling good.


It doesn't matter what you do as the principles are the same - what always works for me is training for PR's, not being a fool with the TM and never training with morons. As long as you eat for strength, maintain basic aerobic function and mobility, the basic principles of pushing for PRs, start too light, progress slow and focusing on the main lifts ALWAYS win.

How many days/week or whatever is not terribly necessary to the goal. I have trained 7 days/week and 2 days/week and as long as the principles are never compromised, it always works. The trick is never compromising, not being swayed by the Paleo Majority and being 100% devoted to your Training Ideas.


A very wise answer, on par with what I expect from you. Thanks again Jim.