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Prefer Home over Regular Gym?

I feel I get a better workout at home. When I lift at home I don’t have to listen to annoying music on gym speakers, Don’t have to worry about people talking to me or a girl distracting me. Never having to worry about switching exercises because everybody is using the machine you want. I also don’t seem to like lifting with other people as it feels like it slows me down. Seems like I go into a zone by myself that I don’t in a gym I push myself harder. My head is clear and I just take off on my weightlifting journey each time I go in my basement.

Mostly everybody would rather a gym just wondering who likes home gyms? I still go to the gym on occasion to do exercises I can’t do at home but if I had my choice I would be home the whole time.

I like home gyms 10x better. Granted you don’t have some of the more expensive equipment, but nothing beats not getting distracted, listening to whatever pumps you up, not to mention not having to wait for any weights or benches.

Also I hate hauling my bag of supplements to the gym and having people look at me funny when I’m downing BCAA’s.

I’d rather be at home, but I don’t have room for a squat rack and need my coach at least once a week for o-lifts. I split 2 days home, 2 days at the gym and it works out good.
Wish I had a basement or a garage, then I’d really get set up here.
On the other hand, the gym is good for people watching, but it can be distracting.

I love lifting at home.

I am thinking about getting a cheap gym membership over the spring/summer just to change it up. Plus it’s the skimpy clothes season for the girls.

I like working out at home too! if forces me to keep it simple and effective. No cable timewasters, no cardio classes. Just a squat rack, barbells, dumbbells, chins, and dips. And you don’t have to worry about people standing too close when you are doing cleans or snatches.

I kill my self at home. I love it. I can grunt, scream, fart, play my music as loud as I want, stay as long as I want, my gym never closes. If I want to work out a 2 am, no problem. If I want to, I can work out drunk, don’t have to worry about a DUI. I can even do the “300” workout with out people assigning a “fag tag” to me!
Every once in a while, I like to go to a gym. Just for a change of pace and to use all the equipment I don’t have. I’ll just pay the $10 one time fee. But when I go to a gym I am there for three hours, but that includes shower and sauna. So I get my money’s worth.

I’m a home guy too. There’s another identical thread right now BTW.

I loved it when I used to lift at home, but I don’t have a squat rack and not nearly half the stuff that I need in order to have a good workout now. So I’m forced to go to the gym.