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Prednisone - Mood Enhancer?


Once a year for the past three years i have had acute bronchitis, and was prescribed antibiotics and prednisone, a drug to help with inflammation. The weird thing is, once I begin taking this my mood and appetite increase greatly and i can definitely tell a huge difference. Now I am well aware that this drug has nothing to do with anabolics, even though it is a steroid, i was just curios if anyone else has had this same effect, or if they know of why this may be happening.

At first i thought it was probably me just feeling better after being sick and that was responsible for the mood change, but the most recent time i was sick but didn't feel sick at all, the only reason i went to the doctor was because i was having breathing issues, however i still had the same affect as the past times i had taken it.


You most likely feel better because your lungs become more efficient at transferring O2 to the bloodstream. After a period of oxygen deficiency your brain and heart are getting more O2 as well. The O2 also off sets the mild respiratory acidosis caused by the raised level of CO2 when you are not breathing well. In other words you are retaining to much CO2 with the acute bronchitis. Prednisone is also known to cause euphoria and other psychiatric side effects.



"Additional short-term side-effects include insomnia, euphoria, and, rarely, mania (particularly in those suffering from Bipolar I and II)."

Also under Major side effects:

Weight Gain

I personally would not go near this drug!


This makes sense, I hadnt thought of the increase in 02 absorption


Your welcome No prob.