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Predissolving Multi Vitamin?


Hey guys,
The other day I started a post regarding minimal supplementation and it turned into a Multi-Vitamin discussion. People were saying that they won't dissolve a lot of times. Today I was going to the gym and had nowhere to put my Centrum because I was eating right afterwards at the dining hall so I figured I'd throw it in my water. Five minutes later, my vitamin was fully dissolved in the water! Does this sound like it will be better processed by my body? I might start doing this...


Water would be ok, but if you want better absorption, you should disolve it in 12oz of vodka. And make sure you take two mulits a day - wouldn't want to cheat yourself.


That sounds like a good idea, thanks for the input!


Either way the synthetic binder compound they use in Centrum inhibits total absorption of it anyway. So no matter how "dissolved" it may be still doesn't mean the nutrients are gonna get to you in anywhere near their label claim. All I will say is go for a good organic multi that contains no fillers or binders, that way you ensure you obtain total absorption of the product.


I see you own a health food and supplement store, so may I ask, which Multis do not have a "binder"? Also, which Multi do you take?


Would this then be a reason to switch to greens powders?

The other thing that gets me about multis is that they have certain compounds that increase absorption of other minerals (i.e. B-complex and calcium), but at the same time, there are inhibitors (Zinc and calcium).

I suppose there's a ratio of some sort - that is, Xmg of calcium will inhibit the absorption of Ymg of zinc, but is this even worth worrying about?


LOL - I thought you'd like it.

But seriously, if the pill disolves in your water in 5 minutes, it'll disolve in your stomach without a problem. It's just not worth any extra effort because it won't give you any extra benefit.


I should rephrase my early morning groginess and say find ones without "synthetic binders." 2 that pop to mind are: Nature's Plus' Source of Life (and their gender specific men and women formulas), and Life's Fortune. I currently take Source of Life for Men, though I do suggest switching up from time to time because the body is incredibly adaptable, and as such becomes accustomed to having company X's spin on the ratio of vitamins etc. So when I am not taking that, I take Life's Fortune, or Enzymatic Therapies' Doctor's Choice for Men, or Complete Multiple by Liquid Health.


Well the body requires that you have X amount of these vitamins/minerals in your system and as such if you have a poor diet, you wont have near what you require. As far as switching to greens and doing away with a multi, I would have to disagree. A multi allows you to intake certain nutrients in proper ratios to fuel your body along. If you are a very athletic person or someone looking for an edge on their diet, I do suggest incorporating a good greens blend in with the multi. Suggestions: Nature's Plus' Source of Life: Green Lightning, or Sunny Green's Veggie Complete, both are excellent and cover not only conventional greens, but chorella, spirulina, barley, wheatgrass, kelp, and in the case of the Green Lightning, bee pollen for a immune and energy boost.


I keep reading posts about organic multi-vitamins. What is an organic multi-vitamin?


An organic multi-vitamin is one defined as: a multi utilizing only organically grown foods as it's base for nutrients. Centrum/One a day/Viactiv/etc do not fall under this, and for good reason, they are full of synthetic binders and fillers, which extremely inhibits the absorption of the product to such a degree that you might aswell just invest in extreme amounts of food.


Interesting argument...do you have any supporting information I can read up on it?



Hey man,

I've been taking these from Country Life: ENHANCED QM-1 CAPS. What are your thoughts on this brand? And how do you tell (on the label, etc.) if a multi has binders?



Centrum is so low-potency is cheaply made, I can't believe people actually use it. Also to add to some of the good advice above, as a man you should avoid supplemental iron. Men (since we don't have periods) hold onto our iron stores and they increase the risk of heart disease. YOu probably already get more than enough iron from food sources especially if you eat meat. The vast majority of vitamin supplements contain iron - many times a full RDA's worth of 18mg. Many of the ones mentioned in this thread contain them also. Always look for one WITHOUT IRON. Some formulations do come in a "without iron" formula.


what about ADAM from now....it says it has the minimal amount of binders and crap needed.....and no iron