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Predictions on HTC

Tt641. 249-836
Free t180. 48-250
HCT 47.8 up from 47 after 5 months of trt
Any thoughts about what to expect as far as it climbing at this dose or blasting. If it did climb from a blast would 4 months be enough for it to lower on its own without bloodletting?

Mine went from ~46 to ~54 within a year of trt. Lowered dose, went down to 52. Added naringrin, resumed normal dose, back up to 53. No way to predict how it’s going to go.

Yeah kinda figured. Im just hoping that because it hasnt really gone up in 5 months that a small blast wouldnt skyrocket me or even if it did it would drop back down after 4 months of my regular TRT dose