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Predictions for the Last Remaining Fights of 2018?

McGregor vs Khabib:- Khabib

Fedor vs Chael: Fedor

Bader vs Mitrione: Mitrione

Alexander Volkov vs Derrick Lewis:- Alexander Volkov

Curtis Blaydes vs Francis Ngannou:- Curtis Blaydes

Chris Weidman vs Luke Rockhold:- Chris Weidman

Cris Cyborg vs Amanda Nunes:- Amanda Nunes

TBC Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson:- Alexander Gustafsson

Not sure how likely it is for all 5 to be correct as earlier in the year I thought Francis Ngannou would beat Derrick Lewis and I thought Werdum beats Volkov. I was also wrong about both Mark Hunt’s fights.
On the other hand I was right about Miocic vs Ngannou, Junior Dos Santos vs Blagoy Ivanov and both of Daniel Cormier’s fights.

  1. Mcgregor is gonna starch Khabib. KO Inside two rounds maybe three.
  2. Uncle Chael decisions Fedor with good old classic lay and pray
  3. Bader TKO round 2
  4. Volkov TKO round 1
  5. Ngannou KO round 2
  6. Weidman
  7. Cyborg
  8. Gustafsson

can’t believe Volkov lost to Derrick Lewis; I thought this guy would be future UFC champion.

I still hope that Dos Santos defeats Tai Tuivasa because in 2019 I want to see Dos Santos vs Miocic III and I hope Dos Santos beats Miocic too. But after that I hope Miocic wins back the title by 2020.

I also want Gustafsson and Cormier to defeat Jon Jones.

So as long as JDS, Gustafsson and Cormier win I don’t care about the rest

Just watched Bellator 208. Damn those heavyweights looked so sloppy. Such garbage performance. So disappointed in both their performances. Thoroughly convinced Chael does not have the right mindset for fighting.

Chael was an idiot for doing a flip while he mounted Fedor from behind; if I was in his position I’d have punched Fedor repeatedly. Obviously easier said than done.

And lol at people saying it was fixed; if it was fixed then why didn’t Matt Mitrione win so we get a Fedor-Mitrione 2? Anyway, Bader vs Fedor will be unpredictable but I think Bader will win simply because Fedor is out of his prime.

Watching Fedor last night reminded me of Cormier. Would have loved to see those two go at it in their primes at HW!

Chael does have a knack for critical errors at critical times (i.e., both losses to Silva).

What the hell is the deal with Cormier being stripped of the LHW title? Is it just a pick one or the other vacating thing? I know he has a hand injury, is that all it is? It just strikes me as sordid Jones gets right back in there for a title shot.


Its all about selling PPV for 232.

They will sell way more if Gustafson and Jones are fighting for the LHW title.

I say to hell with titles. Go back to the tournament system. I’ve said it before but it will never happen.

Less a prediction than a commentary on recent events … very impressed by Ragin’ Al The Real Estate Man Iaquinta’s performance over a talented - if still young and overconfident - Kevin Lee. Unfortunately, my Xfinity DVR recording clipped out the last two rounds of the fight, so I’ll have to pursue those ten minutes via other means. But from everything I’ve read, sounds like a fantastic performance from Iaquinta.

Also impressed by Olivera’s first round submission of veteran Jim Miller, and Edson’s performance. Nice to remind people of what he’s capable of.