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predicting a 49ers ass handing tonight.


so what will the final score be? i say radiers 24 9ers 3.


Preseason sucks ass.


Who cares? Half the team will be baggin groceries next week anyway.


I agree its preseason doesn't mean shit! Look what Washington did last year in preseason and where did they go nowwhere.


preseason or not i still like to watch football.


That didn't exactly happen, did it?


hey what did the score end up? the last i saw it was 7 to 7.


I believe that it was 14-10, Niners.


You dont get points for preseason or touchdowns scored in practice or practice games. haha. My dads favorite line. He used to call those guys Monday through Thursday heros.


Niners won, but the Raiders dominated in all the statistical categories, which, considering it was a preseason game that counted for bubkas, wasn't a bad outcome. Hard to compare the teams when each was holding out key players from the game and pulled a lot of starters after a quarter or less.


14-10 9ers.


oh ok cool, too bad it wasn't the season. i love to hear the raiders losing. hahaha like they lost in the super bowl...good god they got stomped! hahaha but one thing i'll give them is that atleast they got there.


jwg, sorta like how people bitch about how the Bills have never won a Super Bowl.

Well, fuck, we got there 4 times in a row. I'd like to see your bitch-ass team do that.

(It is quite sad how we didn't win once with four chances in a row)