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Predator Briefs

Sooo where does everyone get them from? The inzer website no longer has them on there, only the groove briefs.

Thanks for your help all!



[quote]UAphenix wrote:

Is this the new Inzer website or something? I’m confused as to why they would have them but not inzernet.

its not the new site, it’s just a different site that for some reason has a better selection than inzer’s site. I bet if you call inzer you can get predator briefs too. I don’t think they have ever had predators on their site.

inzernet.com is probably the most outdated website in the entire world!!!

They tend not to do anything with it. Hell they don’t even respond to emails. But if you call them, apparently you get great customer service. So maybe try that?

The predators are great! Good choice there man. You could check out house of pain, too