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Precum Amounts Based On Dosage

I thought this was interesting. On higher levels, 150mg going up to 400mg per week, my precum vanishes.

On lower levels, around 100mg/week, it’s in abundance.

Anyone know why? I find it strange that there is a ton on lower levels, but higher levels, bone dry.



Yes, for real.

Sorry if it’s a little TMI.

Maybe you acquired gonorrhea coincidentally right as you started taking less T?

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chris, go ahead and delete my thread. I can see it’s not going to be taken seriously.

Ok ok … I take responsibility here. My bad. Odd question indeed, but if you’re in need of a serious answer perhaps a few of the more intellectuals on here might know.

I don’t think anyone is going to know TBH. You could look at what mechanisms / body parts control the amount of precum both produced and released. Then you could look to see if Testosterone impacts any of them. Just giving you advice on how I would approach the problem.

I am not doing a deep dive on this on my work computer though.

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Sorry man, had to joke about it.

I honetly have zero idea about the volume of this substance. Wish I could help you, but all I have to offer is - you worry too much man.

Not worrying.

Just trying the theorize that when I lower test levels I have better sexual functioning.

Dont worry about all the haters. Can you describe it? Color? Smell? Taste? Consistency? Do any of those change when the dose changes?

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I do not want pictures, in his bathroom or otherwise.


Well… That’s enough Tnation for me today.


Haven’t you asked this same question before? Or something else about pre cum?

It was related. I think the question was that there seemed to be a lot of it at certain dose levels.

the more the better ain’t always the case, these supraphysiological doses can sometimes have diminishing returns after your body spends more time on them. returning to low dose after a high 800mg test e blast turned me into a monster once

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