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Precontest Bible

Just wondering if anyone ever read the book “Precontest Bible” by Larry Pepe.

Basically, the book lists the exact routines of about 30 different bodybuilders as the prepare for major competitions. It lists their exact lifting routines, including exercises, sets, reps and what they ate and how they cut before the contest and any cardio they did.

I did a T-Nation search and didn’t see that anyone had posted anything on it in the past.

Here is a link if anyone wants to read more about it.


I’m not looking to get into any contests, but I’m interested in their cutting techniques.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Never heard of it, but the general consensus seems to be that bodybuilders are genetic freaks as well as steroid users, so an average person who’s not juicing is better of on different routines.

However, the nutrition info might be worth reading, as long as you remember that these guys are probably a lot bigger than you, so you should eat a bit less.