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Precision Nutrition

I decided today was the day to buy it. Fuck it, my diet is good but I need an edge to mix it up.

Has anyone bought it? If so, what are you thoughts on it?

Do a search and you’ll get a lot of positive feedback.

I loved it. Personally, I would have paid the $99 for just the cookbook itself :shrug:

after implementing some of the recipes of course. it’s made getting in a lot of calories a lot easier.

I like it because my diet tends to get pretty bland when trying to shed some pounds. I fall into that chicken and salad trap and start to dislike eating. PN gives me lots of options.

This week I finished off a batch of Peasant Stew from PN. Made it Sunday night and brought it to work all this week. Easy, and packed with the good stuff.

That’s guys. I did a search; reports are good.
I’m on week 6 of my cutting fat phase and need some new ideas!

I had some serious ulnar nerve issue’s and became lazy. A year later I am back!

I’m 5’11 and initially weighed 203 with a 40" waist
6 1/2 weeks later I am a 34.5" waist at 187lbs

Gained a little muscle along the way!

Look forward to the PN program arriving!

I’m actually curious to read it, but that price seems a bit steep.

How much is the total package?

What does it come with?

Shipping in the U.S it came to $108

The site has the breakdown on everything. You can return it after 45 days.

Or the Gourmet Cookbook is only $40

It is pretty legit from what people say. The forums are great, JB’s newsletter is actually informative and NOT just a commercial for his products, lending that much more credibility to his work in my opinion.

I would like to purchase it at some point as well. I THINK I read that he’s now offering the system WITH the new Gourmet Nutrition cookbook - v2.0 - but can’t recall.

Should be able to get the gourmet nutrition v.2. and the results tracker I believe…not completely sure. It will be money well spent though! The exclusive information available to PN members only is awesome, as is the fact that JB himself and his staff members will directly answer your questions. that alone, IMO, is worth $100.

I believe it does come with the v 2.0 which is cool.
Actually, I’m really excited to get it. I know enough about nutrition to realize I need to learn more. The next level so to speak. Let’s see if PN gets me there. I received his emails for a while and I agree they were always informative and not “do you want abs in 8 weeks; order now” type emails.

I agree with jehovasfitness and analog_kid. The cookbook alone is worth it. If I hadn’t bought it a few years back, I’d still probably be eating plain chicken breasts and cans of tuna. I have much more of a variety to my diet now. I’ve even made some of the recipes for dinner parties.

I got it not too long ago. The actually packet isn’t that great, basically says the same stuff you read on this website and is pretty much aimed at the total beginner.

You do get access to the forum though, and that is pretty spot on in terms of one on one treatment. You won’t get personalized diet plans, but if you have questions they will get answered by knowledgeable people.

Its worth it for the recipes alone.

The new Gourmet Nutrition is pretty damn impressive. My girlfriend had the original PN cookbook, which I found just OK. They really stepped up the recipes and the photos are very nice.

Mmmmm classy chicken…

Like others have said, the cookbook is alone worth the investment. It’s fucking fantastic, everything is delicious and relatively easy to make. Hell, it even has a cooking 101 section in it for cooking newbs.

The binder itself is very good. I love the fact that it’s a binder. The whole idea is that along your “nutritional journey,” you can print out new materials and put it in the binder.

Make sure you get the cookbook at least. Every family in America should have a copy. Because not only are they nutritious, but they really are good recipes.