Precision Nutrition... Worth it?

Obviously I know that PN is a great product, and everything I could want is in there on nutrition. My question though is if there is enough information in the PN books that is not found on this website that makes it worth the $95?

Basically, is there enough unique information in the book to justify buying it, and is the money worth the convenience of having all that information in one book on your counter?

Well, the cookbook alone is worth the price to me, though you can get that separate for $50 shipped.

I think it’s worth it if you’re looking for variety in your foods and are actually going to make the recipes. Otherwise, I only think it’s worth it if you’re having trouble meeting your physique goals. But I don’t see why anyone would be. There’s more than enough free information here and elsewhere. But Precision Nutrition does put it together in a nice, accessible pacakge.