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Precision Nutrition Question

I’m currently on the precision nutrition plan but its kind of backwards for me. My scheldule is different than most. I wake up at 5PM and go to work at midnight 12am-8am, then I go to the gym from 8:30am to 9:30am. Then, I Go home and usually go to bed around 10am. How do I scheldule my starchy carbs with a plan like this?

My current plan is
5:00pm breakfast
9:00pm snack
12:00am dinner
2:00am dinner
4:00am snack
6:00am snack
7:30am pre-workout shake (oats & whey)
9:30am post-shake (gatorade-whey/casin)

When would you suggest me eating the starchy carbs in this plan, Now I usually eat them at 5:00pm, 2:00am & 4:00am.
Also I go to the gym in the morning, before I go to bed since there is only about 10 people there compared to the 5pm-10pm 100 people.

Thanks for any suggestions in advance!

Do you have PN? I ask because the baseline is pretty clear, you eat starchy carbs within a couple hours of training. So if you finish training at 9:30am then consume them before noon.

Any additional carbs would be an individualized adjustment.

Why aren’t you posting this in the PN forums?