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Precision Nutrition Help

I posted recently about an aberrant blood sugar reading I’d had, and was asking for help as to the implications of the results: I’ve since followed up tests with normal fasting (84) and 2 hour post prandial levels (120), yet when testing 15-20 minutes after a PF meal, I get blood glucose levels of ~175.

There’s a strong family history of diabetes, so I’m told by my doctor that I probably have some blunted insulin sensitivity.

Now, question: How can I maximize/ work with this in terms of body composition? This would lead me to believe that my diet should consist mostly of protein and carbs, with EFAs. From what little I’ve gathered from reading Berardi, high insulin levels plus high blood lipids = bad.

I’ve also heard recommendations to eat a diet where every meal consists of carbohydrates, or some that recommend as little carbs as possible. Basically, I have no idea.

Doctor suggested potentially glucophage or other medications designed to increase insulin sensitivity- what are the risk/rewards involved with this?

Ideally, I would like to email JB or Lyle McDonald - however, it appears to be impossible to PM authors.

If someone could give me a layout on how blood glucose levels should affect eating, that would be excellent - i.e. those who chronically get a high blood glucose response after eating should eat more protein, etc.

If I could get in touch with JB or Lyle, that would be great.