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Precision Nutrition Has Arrived


Awhile back, we ordered this, and it finally arrived! Because it took so long, we got a free second cookbook! I looked through some of the recipes and they look pretty tasty.

One of my biggest problems with nutrition and weight loss is that I LOVE to cook, and I LOVE to feed people. And of course all the "feel good" food is not the best, nutritionally. Fine for an occasional treat but...I am excited that we have these books so I can learn about this in an organized way. I have read a lot of the stuff on this site, but a bit here and a bit there gets confusing.

I have not had time to sit down and read all the information yet. I have a pretty solid knowledge of what works for my body in order to lose weight when I am NOT lifting weights. I do understand that my requirements are quite different. Not that I am doing anything really strenuous yet, but we are averaging about an hour and a half in the gym 4-5 times a week, and my goal is to do at least an hour of something other than weight lifting (probably hiking, now that the weather is good--I love to get into the back country!) on the days I do not lift. I am more concerned with good nutrition right now than I am with losing weight, though of course I would not be unhappy if some unwanted pounds slipped away!

I am going to be in town tomorrow and plan to stock up on groceries. As a shortcut, do any of you have favorite recipes from the cookbooks? I need to make a list tonight in order to shop tomorrow. I will not get home until after 7, then we lift (deadlifts tonight....), then I make dinner and we eat and then it is pretty much time for bed....I want to try out a few main dishes next week.

My only caveat is that I am deathly allergic to bananas and coconut, so yummy things like the strawberry coconut pudding are out. Sigh.

Thanks in advance!


I'm excited that you are excited!

Honestly, I've only made one recipe, and it was the coconut chicken! :stuck_out_tongue:

I just mainly stick to the 10 habits..I'm not much of a gourmet chef, haha..

Have fun with it! And don't forget the forums over there!!


I like to cook too and really enjoyed the cookbook. I found that I would make a dish once and then find ways to tweak it to make it a bit better (usually added more salt the second time). Two of my favorites are the greek burgers and the stir fried rice (I used a tad more soy sauce).


Yes, you sound like me, liking to tweak things! And yesterday I bought everything for the greek burgers, so great minds think alike, hahaha!

I got everything to make:
peruvian chicken
moroccan chicken
curried split peas and roasted chicken
tex-mex chicken
greek burgers
tuna burgers
thai ground beef

Well, actually, the store was OUT of peanut sauce, can you believe it??? So almost everything for thai ground beef.

Luckily my boyfriend is not in the least a picky eater and will try just about anything. Also lucky for me, we have a fantastic natural food store in the town in which I work so some of the less readily available items are easily found. Well, obviously, except for peanut sauce, ha. Must be a lot of people making pad thai for Sunday dinner!

I also managed to score a small chest freezer at a yard sale yesterday for $15! Today's tasks are to scrub out the freezer, clean out the laundry room cabinet, and put the freezer there. Then I will get out the spading fork and turn over the garden plot now that it looks like the snow is FINALLY gonna let up for the year.... Whoo hoooo! Fresh organic veggies soon! And room in the freezer for the extras.