Precision Nutrition For Me?

I am in the process of changing up my training and nutrition.

I see that John Berardi’s Precision Nutrition is on sale until the end of the month. I see it recommended around here all the time. It looks like a great program.

OTOH I got his book, “The Metabolism Advantage” about a month ago, and in the last few days have just about memorized his “Massive Eating Reloaded” and “Appetite for Construction” (Don’t Diet) articles from this site.

I’ve gone to the Precision Nutrition website and look edthru the stuff that is included with the program.

Here’s are the things that make me wonder if I need it:

– am pretty motivated/disciplined already, and have been eating in a similar manner for a three or so years w good results. (but from what I am doing now, I need to tweak energy balance. carb/protein fat/percentages, and nutrient timing) So we are not talking about a huge overhaul in habits here.

– I like plain food. Meat Vegetables Fat. Nothing fancy. The simpler the better. So I am not real big on recipes.

Thanks in advance for any advice or insight you can give me.

If you think I need it I will get it.

The Precision Nutrtion package, in my opinion, is well worth the investment.

It is completely comprehensive and even if you’ve read every nutrition article on this site, I guarantee you’ll still pick up quite a few tips.

The best sections for me were definitely the meal preparation and Gourmet Nutrtion cookbook.

If it’s on sale, I say go for it, man.



I highly recommended Precision Nutrition. You get a lot for the money, and he has a great support group in place. What ever your goal is it will help you attain it.

Ok, good enough for me. Placing my order today or tomorrow.

(BTW I agree on the forum - Metabolism Advantage owners have access as well – really topnotch stuff there)

1-the book is not well laid out (in my opinion)and gets confusing at times.
2-getting questions answered is no easy task.
3-the contents of the book is worth the $$.
just my 2cents.