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Precision Nutrition Came Today


Cant wait to read it all through, load the audio onto my nano and listen in. gonna be awesome.....thanks to these guys for their prompt (early actually) delivery.

I've focused more and more on my diet the last few months, but now having it all in front of me i have no excuses...cant wait to start trying all the recipes etc...

once again cheers...ive realised nutrition is just as if not more important than a great training program so away i go.

who else has jumped on the bandwagon with PN?

(i know someone has probably started a similar thread but i cant be assed going through and looking) lol


I got it. There is a lot of information in there that I'm pouring over. I'm hoping to start putting it to full use after I finish the diet I'm on.

I'll admit, I looked first at the recipes since so many people had talked about them. Made my mouth water with just the first page.


Can you survive a weekend without a Coopers. Thats the real question..


Mine is at home, I get to see it this weekend. I am very excited and will post about it once I get it running.

I ordered it with about an hour remaining in the 50 dollars off sale finally shelling out for it.


just about as much as you can survive NOT cracking a manangatang over the head for stealing a TV.


get that ticket fool

btw, ive been reading it and cant wait to apply it after i have sorted out my plan... i know it will work wonders for me but that it will be a process in changing habits...all of which i am looking forward too.


I received mine a few days ago and already have it in motion. Everything is layed out in a nice and neat format for getting started. Going to super walmart this weekend to stock up on all the things I need. Having Fajita Chicken and Rice(pg.82) for dinner tonight, hope its as good as the Beef Stroganoff(pg.121) I had for dinner last night. All the recipes look so good, its hard to decide which ones to try.


got mine last night...looking forward to cracking it open tonight


What kind of impact is this having on your wallets?

I got the system a couple weeks back, but haven't been able to do more than have a quick peek at it -- been averaging about 3-4 hours sleep a night trying to get a project in for work.

A pound of lean meat per meal seems awfully costly, though. That could inflate a grocery bill very quickly.


well, i went shopping yesterday and probably bought 75% of the stuff from the 21 superfoods and my bill from these foods was probably 100 out of the 130 total from the bill. mind you, i bought a fuck load of meat. it would have to last me atleast 1.5 weeks.

also, ive finally started my food log. I always thought it would be too hard to record what i eat, now..im written down my brekky, midmorning meal and whaddyaknow, it aint fkn hard at all lol...

cant wait to see at the end of the week what i put in my body.


I think a eating log, training log and update pic's are to be posted by you. Since your the poster boy.


I've had PN since January. I struggled at first for various reasons. I just couln't get past 80%. I made half my meals on Sunday and the other half on Wednesday. Or that was the plan. Usually I would get 'too busy' on Wednesdays and I'd have to fight the rest of the week just to keep 80%. Now I cook all my meals on Sunday's. It takes about 4 hours from choppin veggies to cleanup at the end, But I just put on my music and start movin.

I've been at better than 90% for almost 3 weeks and I can't believe how much progress I've had in three weeks. I'm waiting for June.

Two other great reasons for getting PN: 1 I'm starting to learn how to actually cook, and 2 no more lookin in the fridge like a dumbass.


I recently got mine. I was amazed at how quickly it got to Australia! I was so excited! At first i oped and thought "awww, folder? awww!" but then read through it. Its very thorough and great to have it all explained as a system without the getting side tracked into the small details of small food items. Its everything that needs to be applied and nothing to let your brain get "caught/stuck" on. Simplicity at its best (probably harder in practice)

The recipies rock, granted ive only tried some of the shakes and bars... but damn its good food.

I havnt got into it in depth yet, just put the compliance sheet on the wall and about to test 90% compliance.