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Preacher Curls Substitute


Hey all - I'm about to start the 3rd week of my TBT program and it's going well so far. This week I have preacher curls to do and I hear that there are more effective exercises that work the same muscles. So, I was thinking of skipping the preacher curls and substituting with a better one that works similarly. Any ideas? Thanks!


yeah, anything where the angle between your upper and lower arm decreases.


if the program has specific exercises listed stick to them




Chin Ups


I'd agree with what others have said, any bicep curl will do the trick, but stick with what the program says, it has its reason for being in there. If its an issue of the fact you train at home or a gym that is very ill equiped, try standing bicep curls, make sure to get a full range of motion and don't cheat (don't lean back, swing the weight around, etc). Preacher curls are great for minimizing cheating thus further emphasizing the bicep, give them a try, you just might love em!


I'll stick to what the plan says and my gym is not totally ill-equipped, just the ordinary college level gym. Thanks for the input.


Hammer Curls
Bb Curls
DB Curls
Incline Curls
Zottman Curls

Any of these I would think would be fine. I switch up every once in a while but those are the 5 I use the most.Don't see why it wouldn't be okay to switch it up. I don't think he gives specific requirements in the article just a list of exercises and certain peramaters.