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Preacher Curls or Squat Rack Curls?


Which is better for biceps hypertrophy, preacher curls or squat rack curls?


First, you do realize that "squat rack curls" is usually a derogatory term and not an actual exercise, right?

Second, which is better for quad hypertrophy: front squat or leg press? Trick question, Bud, they're both fine. Though in regards to your question, I'd say the basic standing barbell curl would be of higher "priority" than preachers. But using both is not a bad thing.

Third, there's really nothing at all wrong with curling in the squat rack... if you're curling enough.


Squat rack curls aka The Exercise that separates douche from serious (and respectful) lifter. Go with the preacher curls if you're considering those two as your only options as you won't take up a piece of equipment and use it for something that is not it's main purpose.


So is a"squat rack curl" a new name for a heavy straight bar curl?


Jesus christ. If youre not going to make a funny joke just be quiet. "Squat rack curl" is a joke term to begin with and now youre actually taking it serious??


Geez I hope not. If it catches on and becomes a legit term, instead of just a point to goof on, the lifting community will have lost a collective IQ point.

I still believe there's nothing inherently wrong with using the rack to do curls, or overhead presses, or lunges, or whatever. As long as the lifter has the sense of gym etiquette to let others work in if needed (which applies to all equipment in the gym).


Are you meaning me? Because i was making a joke.


Sorry about that. I though tyou were making a sarcastic insult. My fault


DO NOT CURL IN THE SQUAT RACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have yet to see anyone curl so much weight that its a problem for them to pick the bar up off the floor but i have seen plenty of my squat days be pushed late due to someone in the squat rack curling(never more than 95lbs) have consideration for what the rack is used for and curl elsewhere


Damn, that guy is curling more than what i squat with.

OT: Wouldn't heavy chin-ups be a better choice? Since with chin-ups, you can go a lot heavier with the additional involvement of the back muscles.


Its cool man


Squat rack curls are only a legit exercise if you ask the guy squatting if you can work in... and then proceed to curl the weight he is squatting.

If you can curl 135 for reps but find it difficult to pick up from the floor, then you have some other shit you need to work on.


Straight bar curls ftw without straps.